March 2007

80% of Single Room Occupancy units in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside are infested with bed bugs; also Rensselaer Polytechnic’s dorms

March 31, 2007

Two bed bug newsbites: From Vancouver 24 Hours: The majority of low- income single-occupant rooms in the Downtown Eastside are infested with bed bugs, according to a report from the City of Vancouver. Environmental health officers inspected 3,100 DTES hotel rooms and found 80 per cent had bed bugs. The city hopes to expand a […]

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Bed bug registries

March 31, 2007

I had a glance at one of the two bed bug registries where you can and should report your infested building or hotel (both are linked on the far right sidebar at the bottom). In the recent reports was listed: “E 75th Street 5th to Park Ave NYC NY 10021” Fifth to Park Avenue: that’s […]

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Vancouver community activists urge city to pay for bed bug eradication

March 31, 2007

This is exciting news: a group of community activists in Vancouver are fighting for the city to pay for bed bug treatment and education, the CBC news reports today. The article reports that, Community activists in Vancouver are calling on the city to pay for an expanded bedbug program following an initial effort that targeted […]

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Dusts like diatomaceous earth (DE) and Cimexa can be used to kill bed bugs (FAQs)

March 30, 2007

Important: Recent studies (see PCT Online articles “Diatomaceous earth: where do bed bugs stand when the dust settles?” and  “Silica gel: a better bed bug desiccant”) suggest that Cimexa is a more effective and fast-acting dust than diatomaceous earth (DE) for bed bug treatment, and many of our experts now prefer it to DE. If you’re selecting […]

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bed bugs on NPR again: “Bed bugs spiralling out of control all over” according to Richard Cooper

March 28, 2007

Richard Cooper on Leonard Lopate again (download mp3 or listen to streaming audio here). Last year at around the same time, Leonard Lopate did a bed bug show (which is a must-listen, perhaps even a bit more interesting than this one in some respects: click here for the 2006 edition). Highlights in today’s update: Cooper […]

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Good news: forums fixed

March 27, 2007

Well, I think we should all experiment a bit with the forums. The blog is a place for posts and related discussions. But you can post your own questions on the forums. If you have a “tale of bed bug woe” or a question of any kind, start a new topic on the forum. Click […]

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FAQ: How do I prepare for pest control treatment? Should I put everything in bags?

March 27, 2007

Don’t prepare too much for a pre-treatment inspection visit! Your PCO should be able to inspect your premises as they are, which makes it easier to spot bugs and signs of bugs. You don’t want to vacuum and change the sheets before the PCO comes to inspect, or s/he may miss obvious signs of bed […]

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The B-word was used in the Brookstone Catalog!

March 27, 2007

by Parakeets Here’s a powerful tipping point: Bedbugs are mentioned in the newsest Brookstone Catalog! We have finally arrived. Their featured “NEW” product is a mite-proof mattress cover and in big letters on the top of the print catalog page, the headline reads: “Mites and Mold and Bedbugs, Oh My!” “Protect Your Sleep with CleanRest” […]

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Tales of Bed Bug Woe: ask questions, share advice and stories about bed bugs

March 26, 2007

I hope soon the forums will be up and working again. Until then, this is the ongoing thread where people ask questions about bed bugs, give us updates on their bed bug situations, and share ideas for fighting the little mahogany monsters. When it gets too long, I close the thread and start a new […]

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Bed bugs in Patagonia, can’t use dryer, with backpack: what to do?

March 26, 2007

Travelbug writes in the forums from an awkward position (I moved this here since the forum is temporarily out of service). Hello, We are a couple and right now in Ushuaia, Argentina, the end of the world. Right now we are stuck here because we found bedbugs in our bed, 2. The owner first didn’t […]

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FAQ: Bedbugger en español: ¿Debo hacer mi propia exterminación?

March 26, 2007

PREGUNTAS FRECUENTES: ¿Debo hacer mi propia exterminación? En la mayorí­a de los casos, no. Por lo menos no como plan único del tratamiento.

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Gentrol may make bed bugs worse?

March 26, 2007

Hi all, An anonymous entomologist and PCO who reads the blog has clarified for me the issues around Gentrol (an Insect Growth Regulator commonly used against bed bugs, by PCOs: IGRs are supposed to halt growth, which should cut off reproduction). But my source tells me this: In recent research, the results seem to indicate […]

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