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by nobugsonme on February 28, 2007 · 1 comment

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Welcome to any curious readers of the Do-it-yourself landlord’s blog, where blogger Craig linked to us and several other bed bug blogs today.

And here’s something a bit different, an article from the San Francisco Apartment Association’s magazine on “How to Avoid a Bedbug Lawsuit.”

While you should be aware that any laws mentioned therein may not apply where you live, the following conclusion was excellent advice for landlords:

Landlords who encounter claims of bedbug infestation should address those claims immediately by seeking professionals who can swiftly and effectively deal with the problem. The mere presence of bedbugs could, at the very least, subject a landlord to possible rent reductions and, in the worst-case scenario, bring about lawsuits for constructive eviction. While there is a possibility that a landlord may successfully defend such a lawsuit, the costs of doing so will be no doubt much higher than paying professionals to deal with the bedbug infestation — an infestation that could, if left unfettered, effect not only one unit but the whole building. Ignoring the alleged problem or attempting to deal with it yourself will only increase your potential liability.

The SFAA is a non-profit which helps housing owners learn about laws that affect them.

I’ve said this before–I don’t envy landlords whos buildings are infested. They’re bound to deal with a lot of expenses around bed bugs just like tenants are. I hope we can work for better laws and better modes of treatment (more effective and efficient ones), which will help landlords save money on treatments and reinfestations, and save tenants the trauma and expense of living with bed bugs.

I do think it’s good that landlords are talking about these issues.

And finally, enough of your bed bug problems, already! The UN apparently has rats eating from its staff cafeteria, and 5 foot live salt-water eels invading the inside of its buildings.

Hmm, where rats nest, there may be bed bugs. Even my non-bedbug-blogging is bed bug blogging.

Five foot salt water eels indoors. What is this town coming to?


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