NY Times top real estate articles of 2006

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by Bugzinthehood

Out of all the NY Times real estate stories published in 2006, the excellent piece by Sewell Chan, on bedbugs, published October 15, was fourth most viewed among readers, beating even “Playing the Sex Card.” Now, you know you’ve really got a problem when more people are reading about bedbugs than sex.


1 nobugsonme February 12, 2007 at 3:04 am

Hey Bugz! Nice catch and good to see you! Great find:

For everyone else, here are those top ten articles (in case for some reason you did not click):

1) In Arizona, ‘For Sale’ Is a Sign of the Times

2) Owners’ Web Site Gives Realtors Run for Money

3) What You Can Rent for $1,000

4) Everything You Need to Know About Bedbugs but Were Afraid to Ask

5) Playing the Sex Card

6) As Property Values Rise, Homeowners Feel Pinch

7) Paying Any Price to Live Here

8.) The Least Affordable Place to Live? Try Salinas

9) The Nitpicking Nation

10) The Bachelor Pad Still Lives

I think Jess would say #9 is about bed bugs too.

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