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by nobugsonme on February 1, 2007 · 1 comment

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This is how I amuse myself when I am bored– I check which search terms people used to find us today. I like to check, because it’s sometimes amusing, sometimes poignant, and it gives you an idea of what people are thinking.

The bold phrases were googled today:

  • allergic reaction to metal beds (Or perhaps something on the bed is causing the reaction?)
  • bed bug faqs (check!)
  • prepare for the bed bugs fumigation (First, ask your Pest Control Operator if you’re really having a fumigation. If it’s Vikane, get out of your home! If it’s a bug bomb, don’t do it! If it is not a fumigation, then prepare for treatment following the PCO’s advice.)
  • “traumatic insemination” video (here)
  • bed mites bite pictures (Forget the pictures! The problem is when the mites bite you…)
  • how to know if you have bed bugs on your (Ahem! Long search phrases get cut off. I so wonder what that next word was!)
  • bedbugger
  • landlord liable for bed bugs new york (Yup, and in other civilzed places too. See here)
  • bed bug bites
  • hotel lawsuits (yes)
  • Hourly professional bed bug charge (good question; varies, but many charge by the treatment–either one or several visits they plan to make– as opposed to charging by the hour)
  • Bed bug feces black (yes, they are)
  • bug sniffing dogs (love ’em)
  • chinche de cama (you want this)
  • What kind of over the counter pesticide
  • skin biopsy for diagnosing scabies (get one)
  • recognizing bed bugs (here)
  • chinchas (mas en Espanol)
  • down comforter, bug (Oh no! Not again!)
  • medical photos bugs under skin (That’s another website)

I hope they found what they were looking for somewhere if not here.

1 jessinchicago February 3, 2007 at 11:01 pm

These poor people! Hope they found us. Hey, visitors, jump in and participate. (Just don’t ask me about the traumatic insemination video- I can’t go there).

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