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by nobugsonme on January 24, 2007 · 33 comments

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Update 1/25: I am pasting below a conversation Sue started on the old post about S’s comforter. Sue, most people don’t read the oldies, so look for responses below.

January 25th, 2007 at 3:15 am

Sue says:

Okay, so I’m confused as i don’t know what right now. I couldn’t find the patience to read through all these emails. I mostly read S’s comments. So please check my story out. I bought wooden (don’t know if it’s oak, maple or mahogany) bedroom set. The most fantastic set you can find. Spent $5500 on it. Vanity, night stands, amoire and canopy bed. I bought it last Feb. So I had a cat I bought for my daughter. I bought in in April. In June my daughter went away for the summer. I started getting bitten. It was summer time. I thought it was mosquitoes. (excuse spelling) Anyway, my daughter came back and she seemed to be allergic to the cat. I got rid of it thinking it had fleas and gave my daughter allergies. Fall came and I was still getting bit. I figured the apartment might need treatment for fleas. I got it treated. The cat was gone and there shouldn’t have been any mosquitoes this time of year. So then I wake up EVERYONE morning itching and seeing bit marks. Not to mention the nights I’m just tossing and turning. I call the furniture place and tell them they gave me bed bugs–the PCO didn’t say so but they suspected it. They couldn’t see anything but figured that’s what it was. I get Ashley furniture to replace my set with an Identical one. I’m fine for a month and BOOM! It’s back. Now mind you, Ashely furniture wouldnt’ take back the old set. I let my sister have it (mattress included) and warned her it was bug infested. She has not gotten ONE single bit and Xmas time I slept in the bed and didnt’ get bit either. Now i have mystery bites in the new bed and somehow it’s gotten all the way to my daughters room and couch in the living room. I’m so stressed, so tired and have been lysol-ing, bleaching and spraying HOT WATER on the mattresses and pillows. It is ONLY temporary relief and I don’t know what to do. Should I ask the landlord to switch apartments. I KNOW it’s not your average bed bug. This is something else. SOMETHING VICIOUS! PLEASE HELP~!

Update 2/1: After you read the comments below, click here to continue the conversation in the latest “Tales” thread.

1 nobugsonme January 25, 2007 at 1:17 am

Let the questions and answers resume!

2 Bugalina January 25, 2007 at 9:16 am

Is Sue going to get this nobugs ??? She has bed bugs…and they are probably in her mattress and boxspring and they probably came from traveling from another apt….Sue if you see this post…have you contacted a professional pest control operator ??? You must…what City do you live in ??? You need to check your mattresses and boxsprings and then you need to either cover them up , very very securely or if they are severely infested its possible you must lose them…you must discuss this with a very capable and competent pest control operator….Bugalina

3 nobugsonme January 25, 2007 at 1:04 pm

responses to Sue from the old comforter thread:

January 25th, 2007 at 11:20 am

Buggylicious says:

I have the same exact problem. There are no sightings of bugs anywhere, (these are no-see-um bed bugs, or like the show “HEROES” they are invisible) and my bedroom set is also expensive (DWR) and wooden. I am not giving it up. BUt the bites were absolutely real, and the bugs were hiding somewhere. I’m having treatment by a PCO, and getting my floorboards caulked at this very moment. Sorry to hear about your problem, and your kitty cat. Poor thing. I hope she found a good home.

January 25th, 2007 at 11:55 am

Bugalina says:

Sue ..You absolutely must get in touch with a competent exterminator¦If you are in a multi family dwelling they could have come from another apt¦.they travel on electrical conduits ( wiring) and pipe chases that’s why the areas around these must be treated..You can always hire a bed bug sniffing dog, although they don’t exterminate , they do pinpoint where the bed bugs are coming from.this narrows down the unknowns¦It is common to panic anc throw things away¦this is because our Public Health Depts. are not issuing any directives about this epidemic¦.they want to keep us in the dark and not educate us¦In time they will be forced to come forth about this bug epidemic¦please ask us any questions¦I think the bug sniifing dog is around 300.00 or a little more, for a visit¦but I think its money well spent¦if you need links we can help you¦.Bugalina

4 freakin'out January 25, 2007 at 8:33 pm

My husband is out of town on business. Was awakened with a burning sensation in his hotel. When he turned the bedside light on, he found several bedbugs in his bed and on the walls. He even caught several. He is coming home tomorrow night and I dont’ know what to do about his leather coat or his big down coat and shell. I plan on laundering his clothes in hot water and hot drying. It’s a shame since they are all his good work clothes. Shrink city. Anyway, what should I do about his coats and shoes. The suitcase is going in the garbage. I read several of the emails about down comforters and that drycleaning didnt’ kill them. I’m petrified and don’t want these things in my house. HELP!

5 freakin'out January 25, 2007 at 8:35 pm

By the way, I too tried the bedbug registry and it would pull up the hotel, but wouldn’t let me report bedbugs.

6 freakin'out January 25, 2007 at 8:49 pm

I’ve just read somewhere that freezing temps will kill bedbugs. I don’t even know that my husband got any on his clothes or in his luggage while in the hotel room, but I am assuming he did. Would it be work to put his leather coat in a bag and into a freezer for a couple of weeks? Not sure it would work for down, seeing as how it is supposed to be warming and insulating.

7 sue January 25, 2007 at 9:39 pm

I live in an apartment complex in Woodbridge, NJ. I just got in touch with the complex’s PCO. We’ll see what happens. They faxed me instructions on prepping myself for the treatmetn they’re going to bring in next Tuesday. So i have to empty all closets and drawers in the ENTIRE APARTMENT (I might as well be moving!) All my clothes, shoes, cloths, rugs and curtains have to be put into the dryer for an HOUR! I have to DE-CLUTTER everything! This may have to be postponed until the middle of next month because that alone is a hell of a job. Now imagine I do all of this and then I still get bitten! You know i will be trying to figure out who to sue! What makes me even madder is that when i had the PCO come before with my first set of complaints BECAUSE they didn’t see any bedbugs they REFUSED to treat it for that. They were spraying the apartment with something and I thought they were treating it when they weren’t. Now i know with all the instructions they left me that this is actually the real McCoy even though they still haven’t physically seen or found anything. I can’t believe this. Well at least my sister got a free bed out of it!

8 jessinchicago January 25, 2007 at 9:50 pm

Hi Sue, and welcome.

I have lots of questions.

First, have you seen a doctor to try to eliminate other causes (like scabies)? It sounds like bedbugs, but could be something else. You might want to put that on your to-do list, right AFTER contacting a qualified PCO that has experience in treating bedbug infestations. A qualified PCO will be able to help you tremendously.

If it is bedbugs, there is a source there somewhere. Did you keep your original box springs? What kind of heating system do you have in your home? Is there a heat register behind your bed or along your walls?

Do you have hardwood floors in your bedroom? If you do, you can buy some double-sided carpet tape (Home Depot, etc.) and put it down on the floor around your bed, making a complete box. Any bedbugs trying to get to you from a place other than your bed will get trapped in the tape, and you will find them there in the morning. Save them!

You can also look for these signs: tiny dots or streaks of blood on your sheets or clothes you wear to bed and tiny black specks that look like poppyseeds (these are the poo). The black specks, if moistened with a damp paper towel, will usually turn reddish and runny, and look like dried blood, because that’s what they are.

Again, I have to reiterate that it’s really important for you to contact an experienced PCO as soon as possible.

And Sue, it probably is your average bedbug. Average bedbugs are adept at surviving- and that means feeding quietly, breeding readily and hiding easily. They have those three goals in life: to feed, to breed and to get away with both without you knowing.

Please ask us questions and keep us posted- and read our previous posts and FAQs- I think you will find the information invaluable. You’re in my thoughts.


9 jessinchicago January 25, 2007 at 9:54 pm

I was a little late with my comment, I see. Sorry about that. Disregard the parts about the PCO!

Yeah, you’re going to have to do what we all have done. It’s hard work, but you might just find it to be a cathartic experience, that decluttering process. Many of us have.


10 jessinchicago January 25, 2007 at 10:26 pm

Hi freakin’ out. I’m glad you did your homework before your husband came home! Did you know about bedbugs from the news, or had you heard about them from another source?

Here’s what you need for tomorrow night: lots of XL Ziploc bags and super XL garbage bags, plus rubber bands.

I suggest greeting your husband in the driveway with a change of clothes that he can throw on and run to the shower in.

Then, take his potentially contaminated clothes and shoes and Ziploc them. Take all clothes, shoes, etc. out of luggage and Ziploc them. Put luggage into huge garbage bags, double bag them and seal with rubber bands. Place all Ziplocs and garbage bags either in the garage or outside on a porch. Change into the extra set of clothes you brought out for yourself, place the clothes you had on in a Ziploc bag, and go shower. Then enjoy your husband and sleep peacefully.

The next day, toss bagged luggage into the garbage. Order a contact kill- like Kleen Free- online, for the shoes. Put bagged leather coat in freezer. Toss bagged down coat out with luggage. Begin washing contaminated clothes- being VERY careful to transport clothes directly from bag into washer and not dropping onto floor- on HOT for an entire cycle, and drying for at least an hour or two.

When the contact kill arrives, tackle the shoes, which should still be bagged. Spray them upside down and inside out with it, then let air dry.

Take leather coat out of freezer in two weeks.

These are my suggestions. Hopefully, others will give theirs as well, and you can gather a general consensus as to what will work.

Good luck, and again, great job of staying on top of the bedbug epidemic before it hit you at home.


11 jessinchicago January 25, 2007 at 10:35 pm


I had one more thought. When your PCO treats, make sure he or she leaves a work order behind for you. I’m interested to see what pesticides are used.

I know the process is tedious and physically draining, but it’s necessary. Lean on us- we know.


12 nobugsonme January 25, 2007 at 10:36 pm

Wow, Jess, you could paste that together in a “I think I encountered bed bugs in a hotel room, what do I do now?” FAQ. We could add to it at that point, too.

Freakin’ out, whatever you do, don’t bring any of that stuff in the house. And treat your husband like HAZMAT until he’s been showered, making sure his clothes are sealed in bags, and making sure his wallet and briefcase or whatever else are treated along the lines Jess describes. The key is SEALED bags: if air can get out of the bag, so can nymphs (bed bugs have 5 life stages). Items like files and books and wallet should be carefully and thoroughly inspected, soon, preferably out of doors, and definitely before being brought in.

This may sound extreme, and remember that he’s unlikely to have brought many bed bugs home if any. However, all he needs is one pregnant female, or a male and female nymph, and you’ve got your own colony in the making. So you can’t be too careful!

Sue and Freakin’ and all newcomers should click on the links to FAQS (Frequently Asked Questions) at the top of the page– which will probably help a lot. Freakin’ and Sue will probably find the links to photos in the sidebar helpful too.

Sue, PCOs aren’t technically allowed to treat for bedbugs unless they found signs of them–it may be true that they felt they had more evidence the second time they came, though I can completely understand your frustration. Bed bugs can be VERY evasive.

13 nightshirt January 26, 2007 at 9:45 am

today i am sooooooooo depressed. to continue my story, i had a “false” pco spray 3 times in nov and dec and like clockwork 10 days later i was getting bitten again. changed pco’s and this guy came with the real stuff. so about 10 days after his first spray i saw a bb on the wall behind my isolated bed. pco was coming in two days for second spray (beginning of january) pco confirmed it was one. i didnt panic b/c i know some can be “left behind”. he sprayed again and about 12 days later i got three bites while in bed sleeping. PANIC set in. called the pco who wasnt supposed to come until tomorrow and the did a “mini” spray around bed and couch in living room to sustain until tomorrow. All is well at the homefront since two weeks ago. or so i thought. last night i woke up at about 2am and saw one on the wall in the same spot as the first one. so i got a tissue and took it off the wall and put the tissue in a baggie. left the light on and opened the windows. tried to sleep. that did not happen. watched some great tv till daylight. when my husband got up i told him about the fiasco last night and asked him to look at the bug. WASNT THERE! where is it? did it drop out somewhere? [expletive deleted]. i cant take this anymore. 5 months of this shit. my hair is frazzled, my demeanor is short tempered. im pissed at everything. really thought i was gonna be lucky. my husband said that since the pco is coming tommorow the bug will be killed then. who kows how many eggs are laid by then? and where thr [expletive deleted] are they coming from?

im crushed and barely holding myself together. this could go on for years. i know 18 months bite free is the goal and that seems soooooooo long to have to be thinking about this.

oh well.

14 Bugalina January 26, 2007 at 9:04 am

Freaking Out should contact an attorney and make certain that you are compensated for any expenses incurred because of the bed bugs in your husbands hotel room…I hope he put in a formal complaint and saved a specimen…Jess and NoBugs gave you all the info…”treat your husband like a hazmat”…unfortunately this to totally true…him and everything on him…It may seem like a lot of work but it will be nothing compared to what you will have to go thru if they infest your home..Bugalina..

15 Bugalina January 26, 2007 at 9:58 am

nightshirt…about the only thing I can say to you is that we are here for you to scream, holler, cry, whatever helps….Have you purchased any of your own stuff??? I think that along with using a PCO, it helps if you supplement their exterminations…by using BedLam or KleenFree, or DE……these bugs need to be killed very agressively….I personally feel that relying only on a PCO isn’t the answer, one must also do some of their own treatments, along with a PCO…..have you been doing this ? Bugalina

16 nightshirt January 26, 2007 at 10:50 am

no i havent. i was going to have the whole shabang of pesticides sent to my sisters in mass. but never did. after alot of thought and reading all your suggestions, i dont want to do drione myself. but i would buy suspend sc and an igr. what is DE? i went on website and saw kleenfree and will order it now.

but – what i want to know is do i have an infestation or is this how they die off?

i know with bb’s there are NO CERTAINTIES. but i need one.

17 nightshirt January 26, 2007 at 10:53 am

i am noticing that there are different kleen free’s . the bottles look different. which one to buy. would you send me the proper link? thanks so much.

18 Bugalina January 26, 2007 at 12:13 pm

You won’t get any certainties with bed bugs….some people get rid of them after a few exterminations…and others can’t get rid of them after 4 or 5 exterminations….there are many variables….one thing for certain is that it costs a lot in time, money, and stress, to get rid of them….here is a website for some products… Also nobugs has given a link for BEDLAM…this is a good product with some residual…I would get some of it…I have a can…bugalina

19 jessinchicago January 26, 2007 at 1:38 pm

Hey nightshirt. I can certainly relate to your feelings of exhaustion, frustration and helplessness.

This is a war, so think of every success as a battle won. You mention several successes, you know. Going for twelve days and then again for two weeks without a bite are huge successes. Bites don’t mean you’re losing the war or even that you’re losing footing in the war. What I think your sighting means is that a bedbug that had chosen to stay hidden and out of the reach of pesticides finally ventured out to feed. That’s what has to happen in order for them to die- they have to walk across the chemical. That bug was probably exposed to the chemical and will die on its own within the next couple days, whether your PCO kills it on contact or not.

It sucks that this is such a waiting game, but that’s exactly what it is. Because bedbugs are so good at hiding and at going for long periods without meals, it takes time for them all to cross the chemical barrier and be killed. But they will be killed, and you will win this war.

It would be SO NICE if there was a method of killing bedbugs within, say, a day or two available to us. Can I get a witness?

Hang in there. This will end, and you’re getting closer every day.


20 nightshirt January 26, 2007 at 3:27 pm

thanks bugalina and jessinchicago. your blogs have such constitution and i have had that at times myself. i never hear you guys down or upset.

have you both conquered this mess? i know bugalina has stuff in storage and in a garage. to me that is great but in 18 months or whenever you decide to open those storage items, it would be a very scary time.

the thought of “all over again” would reduce me to a heap.

Jess – i hung on your words “Bites don’t mean you’re losing the war or even that you’re losing footing in the war”. THANKS for that. i thot all for naught.

i am a warrior and have been diligent in all my behavior at home. just feeling very down today. im sulking sad.

21 Bugalina January 26, 2007 at 2:51 pm

freakinout…I found that using plastic cable ties from a hardware store is easier than rubberbands…they are cheap and are easy to manipulate…also ..I did some research and certain items can be microwaved..I microwaved my husbands clogs and shoes for one minute each and then spray/washed them down with Bed Bug Terminator..(neither had any metal parts)..also Jess says to throw the luggage away…she is 100 percent correct about this…please don’t be penny wise and pound foolish…this luggage must be tossed…being that it was in a proven infested hotel room….Bugalina

22 Bugalina January 26, 2007 at 3:35 pm

“the thought of it “all over again” would reduce me to a heap”..nightshirt..I couldn’t have found better words to express my fear of getting my life’s possessions out of storage..I have been very down…I have been on the bedbugger blog since last April…I have leaned on several people whom I met on that blog and this one…You will eventually conquer them…..but you have to be rigorous…persistant…and determined…which you are….Are you going to supplement your treatments with some of your own stuff??? Bugalina

23 jessinchicago January 26, 2007 at 4:04 pm

nightshirt- Bugalina and I are both bedbug free now, so I think it’s probably much easier for us to maintain a positive attitude than it is for those who are in the midst of the chaos. Believe me, my earlier posts on the Yahoo support group were, well, pitiful! In the beginning of my infestation, I was a complete disaster. I wasn’t sleeping or eating (bedbugs in the kitchen cabinets equals no appetite for Jess!) and I had a really hard time focusing at work. I felt totally out of control.

So, you just be the way you are right now and don’t apologize for it. We understand, we REALLY do.

But I also want you to always remember that you will get through this, and it WILL end. And when it seems like I’m more positive about things than I should be, it’s because I’m trying really hard to help you bedbuggers keep your heads above water, if you know what I mean.



24 nightshirt January 26, 2007 at 5:18 pm

thank you both. so kind. im so happy to hear about your successes. there is a god!

i am ordering stuff (chemicals) this weekend from home.

bugalina – therefore if you have been here since last april you have until about december to get your stuff out? i would do a bad at a time, after washing and drying procedure. also, furniture wise i would spray them at the time intervals a pco does while they are still in storage? never too soon to start figuring it out.

(deleted) its funny ispend so much time of these sites and im at work. cant keep away or stop reading stuff. takes hours out of my day. obsessed, to say the least.

i wonder if they have a bb retirement home, like the actors retirement home where you can go b/c exterminating them took all your money? (LOL – a joke). but they really are a head trip.

25 nobugsonme January 26, 2007 at 6:02 pm

Hey Nightshirt,
I deleted in the last comment where you were speculating about my name. I’m just Nobugs. From your nickname, I assume you want anonymity too?

26 Bugalina January 26, 2007 at 6:08 pm

Very funny…A BB retirement home..I would be the one with a vacuum hose attached to my wheelchair…like a human …roomba..I am already worried that someone in the storage facility has put their infested stuff in there and the bugs could crawl into some things like the unwrapped antique chairs or tables I put in their..I am trying to come up with something..but please do supplement your exterminations…for me, I felt more in control..and my PCOs weren’t very helpful..have you read the FAQs carefully?

27 S. January 29, 2007 at 6:53 pm

Hi there, I am responding to Doug’s question from the previous thread. He cited sources saying that it can take up to 9 days for “lesions to appear.” As in, 9 days after being bitten, your bites could finally surface.

At first pass, this seems unlikely. But I just came back from my second trip somewhere since having bedbugs, and an odd pattern has emerged.

Just so you know, I was insanely cautious when packing for both these trips. My backpack went in the dryer for an hour, my clothes were all freshly cleaned and in ziplocs, my shoes and gadgets were sprayed with Kleen Free, etc.

I was at my parents’ house in Florida for 2 weeks over the holidays. On the fourth day, I found a bite on my leg. (Of course, I totally freaked out). But no other bites appeared on that trip, and they haven’t noticed anything in their house.

Then, I just came back from New York, staying with my sister for a long weekend. On the fourth day I found a bite on my leg and another (tiny, potential) bite on my hand. I know it’s too soon to tell if she has them (ie, if I brought them with me), but regardless, I am wondering if this Day 4 thing is worth exploring.

Might I be reacting to bites four days after they happened? There have been other times when I am almost certain when I was bit (ie, saw a live bug) and the bite appeared almost right away.

But with these smaller or more questionable bites (ie less itchy, no swelling) I am wondering if they are just showing up to the party really, really late.

Any ideas or similar experience?

28 Bugalina January 29, 2007 at 9:37 pm

there is an entomologist Dini Miller, Virginia Tech… can google her. She told me that she has graduate students who work with her and they put their arms into boxes to feed the bugs….email her and ask her if any of her volunteers have experienced a delayed reaction time.When I spoke to her she was very nice …Bugalina

29 treehavn February 1, 2007 at 6:03 am

I have a query which doesn’t appear to be answered elsewhere on the site (it’s hard to tell, there’s a lot of information on here). Can anyone give me advice about how their bedbug infestations reacting to the PCO treatment? I see it says it takes 12-14 days to begin working on here (our bloke is coming back to respray after 3 weeks, standard procedure for that company) and it’s been a week since the first spray. I’ve found a few full-grown bugs in the bedroom acting pretty groggy (easy to find and kill), but now we seem to have a second batch of younger (I presume) bugs in the toilet area. Any advice/personal experiences you can share on this one? Cheers.

30 buggedinbrooklyn February 1, 2007 at 1:55 pm

hi Treehavn,

it takes 10-14 days for the eggs to hatch, and no, the chemicals don’t kill the eggs.
so yes, you will have new, as well as a few old bugs running around after the first spraying.
a good PCO should spray every 14 days, I feel that maybe every 10 days is best.

you say you have them also in the toilet area…do you keep dirty laundry in a hamper in there? dirty laundry should be kept in a extra large zip lock bag, till it’s washed on hot, and dryed or over an hour. then put into a “clean” zip lock bag.
I have one “dirty” and one “clean” ziplock bag, and just reuse a small amount of clothes.
now your bathroom needs to be treated with spraying, and be carful, they might be in your closets too.

please read the FAQ at the top of the page for a lot of extra help and advice.

I’m sure the bites have gotten less since the first spraying…it takes time as well as more sprayings from your PCO.
I’m at 2 months and I’m not bug free yet.

well it’s been almost two weeks since I even had time to sleep on my couch to test it for bugs. I’ve been mostly at my lady’s house since the death of my father, so I can’t say how bug free my bedroom is as well…but it should be close to bug free. the couch has been an obstical from the begining.
there were days that would go by, that I never got bit. as a result, I felt it getting better by alot.
now I’m not sure.
well last night was the big night to test the couch for bugs. I was expecting to get 1 or 2 new bites as they must be starving from not having a good meal for the past 10-14 days.
let’s just say that I didn’t even fall asleep, and jumped up just 5 mins after laying down. killing one ultra small one on my hand. turning on the living room light to see if I’m just crazy, or if it was a real bug, I now notice a larger adult cralling across my shirt.
them starving bastards can’t even wait for me to goto sleap? now I can’t sleep at all!!!
so now my finger has a bite, my left arm has a large welt like bite too.
I’m sure that it was far more then just the two bugs having lunch on me last night. yet it only shows how bad it can get when they don’t feed.
I will need to just redo my couch again, tomorrow. trying to sleep on the couch might be hard at first, maybe I’ll just sit and watch some TV to have them come out.

oh, that larger adult…sprayed Bedlam on him. while he stoped running on the spot, he still twitched a bit. even after 5 mins, he would still twitch if I touched him. as wet with bug spray as could be, he was still alive!!!!
one spray of Kleen Free and he was dead.
no more Bedlam for me, it just don’t kill fast enough or good enough…maybe it works on nymphs better. but who sprays things they can’t see. if it doesn’t kill things I CAN see, then what’s the point.
sadly, I’m down to 1 can of D-Force to spray my couch with it.
no need to do more dusting, but I could use more Kleen Free and D-Force.
my dad’s arangements wiped me out, and I still borrowed over $8,000
man, talk about bad timming.

Tree, it gets better even if you have a few set backs.
the trick is to keep fighting, and let time and the chemicals do the dirty work for ya.
good luck and keep asking questions.


31 Buggylicious February 1, 2007 at 11:20 pm

I’ve been sleeping in tight-ish, long sleeved shirts and loose pj bottoms. Just trying to keep covered to avoid getting bitten on my shoulders and chest (their favorite places). It’s working… I think. I did get some bites on the back of my neck (the only place they had left). But at least it wasn’t my face. I’m getting ready for my 4th spraying (3rd one in the last 7 weeks, and 4th one since end of November). I have never seen a bug. And hope I never will.

32 Buggylicious February 1, 2007 at 11:30 pm

Oh, and Jess: just as you were , I am now having trouble at work. It’s tough to focus knowing that when I leave the little office oasis of semi bug freedom, I will come home to a baggied up bedroom, sleep on a rock hard encased pillow, with one measley blanket and sheet, that gets washed almost daily. And I perspire from the vinyl mattress (besides being perimenipausal! can’t determine what is worse). So I added a layer between the vinyl and the sheet, for some comfort, but as you and the others know, there is no comfort while fighting. I have in my mind about a month to go with the exterminator spraying every 2 to 3 weeks. I dread putting my clothes back, almost as much as I dread wearing them from out of a ziplocked bag. My closet has been caulked, and sprayed, but there is something about the thought of leaving my things dangling on hangers or loose on shelves with out protection. Something seemy and gross about it now that I’ve had bugs (albeit invisible) i n my bedroom. It’s like, when will I be able to feel “free”. How are you doing, emotionally, mentally? I know you are bug free and I’m thrilled, really I ‘m so happy for you but…how do you get through your day when you are invited to the movies or need to go in a taxi cab, etc? By the way, I was in Chicago for the first time this past fall, and stayed at THE HARD ROCK (of all places). Still it was fun. BEAUTIFUL city. Saw Jerry Springer walk by! No kidding.

33 nobugsonme February 2, 2007 at 2:08 am

Folks, there’s a new “Share your tales” thread which will get more traffic. Please go here to reply instead.

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