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by nobugsonme on December 16, 2006 · 9 comments

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Dear Readers,

We’re going to have a new writer posting to the blog, with her helpful hints for bed bug etiquette, bed bug dating advice, decorating a bedbug-free home, or furnishing your foxhole during the bed bug wars. Her name is (Bed Bug) Helloise. Helloise is neither a professional decorator nor a relationship expert, and she hasn’t had a date since DDT was banned in the US, but she knows people who have.

Comment with your questions below, or email them to Helloise c/o nobugsonme at yahoo dot com.

1 deb December 16, 2006 at 10:14 am

This is a company that sells wire shelving and industrial products. I purchased some wire shelving from them. I think they sell it retail and wholesale. This particular shelving was not cheap but it is really good. It is an investment for life. I got the adjustable shelving -polybrite finish- I have four units, some with three shelves some with four shelves. The first shelf is well above the ground, as they are adjustable you can put them at any height you like. The poles are all metal. I have the bottoms of the poles sitting in little rubber furniture protector/cups that I purchased at Home Depot. I have oil inside the cups which themselves are tall and thin..they are like the ends one would find on a cane to protect the bottom of the cane. They don’t have a wide mouth so they hold the oil well and don’t spill over. I have them away from the wall , free standing. I have put all of our socks, underwear, jeans, any foldable clothing, inside plasic bins that sit upon the wire shelving. The reason I like these shelves is because they are sturdy, they will not knock over, which makes them good for people with children. I am certain there are other less expensive wire shelves, but wanted to pass the idea along because this makes for good bed bug furniture…everything is out in the open, easy to see and accessible..please contact me for any help..deb

2 nobugsonme December 16, 2006 at 12:36 pm

For bargain hunters, costco has a nice wire shelving unit– large, 6 shelves, and you can assemble with feet or casters, both included. It was under $75. Could be made into two units as well.

3 deb December 16, 2006 at 2:31 pm

Nobugs…I would not recommend the casters…because they have metal crevices and screwheads affording places for bed bugs to hide…that’s why I like just the feet…and for those with little children, if you purchase the ones at Costco I might recommend not going too high with the shelves as to prevent tipping over..I say this not knowing the weight..but please trust me people no matter where you purchase it…wire shelving is good bed bug furniture…because you can just spray it with Murphy’s Oil..and all is easy to see…Bed bugs have an affinity for wood…so the less wood provided the fewer hiding places they will have…Also, I purchased a single metal Cot bed frame from Sleepy’s..it was a little over one hundred dollars, it is very sturdy . I have put the air mattress on top of it and this is where I am sleeping. I have vaselined the legs. deb

4 nobugsonme December 16, 2006 at 8:12 pm

Helloise tells me she has seen a lot of black metal daybeds in various stores–they’re not as comfortable as a sofa or bed, alas, but for people without much furniture, perhaps a twin size bed / seating is something useful.

5 deb December 18, 2006 at 11:20 am

Here is a great catalog that contains very good “bed bug ” tools….I phoned them and they sell to the public…For example Here are some great items in the war against bed bugs Vac ‘n Blo… A “super suction” 7 lb. vacuum with upholstery and crevice tools..this is like the ones that exterminators use to vacuum around door and window moldings and staircases… Then they sell long Shrink Wrap which can be used to hermetically seal all kinds of things like paintings, small peices of furniture, toys, if done properly the bed bugs will be sealed in and they will die .also they sell large plastic containers good for storing items ..The website is http://www.globalindustrial.com toll free number is 1800 645-1232 deb

6 JR December 18, 2006 at 12:27 pm

Hello, Just wanted to make a comment that might help someone out there. My stuff was infested from Cherry Creek Place Apartments in Denver Colorado. Though I really liked the staff that worked there, they were really not trained to take care of bedbugs.

They keep tellling me that the bugs don’t travel from apartment to apartment……but they do! A “specialist” came in and fumagated every week and I vacuumed everything every day for 15 days in a row. Little did I know they were coming in from my neighbors. When I realized it, I told my manager but they didn’t want to “scare anyone” so they didn’t want to fumagate the whole 3rd level! This is what they should have done. They did realize it was my neighbor when the woman who lived there went onto the office and had a bug fall off her clothes….I’m not kidding. Then they decided to have the apartment fumageted but for me it was too late I was moving out soon. Anyway, I moved out and thought they were gone but 4 months later they came back.

What is helping me to not get bites is to use patchouli oil. This is an essential oil you can purchase at a health food store…..buy more than 1 bottle. I rub this all over my body….face and ears too. Keep in mind that you should do a test area on your skin to make sure you aren’t allergic to it…but in my experience I would rather have a rash than a bed bug bite! Patchouli is working very well. I also wear long sleaves pants and socks to bed. I put my clothes for the next day in a plastic bag and put it in the freezer so I don’t contaminate other people’s things. The cold will kill these things. I have some of my stuff outside as we speak, put in airtight clear plastic bags. I have read and been told that the cold will kill the eggs too. I am going to quarantine my stuff in airtight clear plastic bags with chemicals that kill bed bugs sprayed in them. I am putting my stuff outside in a garage where the temp. isn’t controlled. It’s winter right now and it gets really cold so I am hoping a few months out there with chemical treatment should kill them and treating my house.

The eggs are part of the problem because nothing safe for humans can be used to penetrate the eggs to kill them. You kill the nymphs and adults but then tada they hatch. So don’t freak out just be diligent and safe…..it really is a war……survival of of the fittest… no kidding!
Remember, they live off pets too… use lots of patchouli

7 nobugsonme December 18, 2006 at 12:46 pm

Hi JR,
Thanks for your message. I had not heard that Patchouli was helpful.

I do want to say that if your building’s pest control operator was truly using “fumigation” (or bug bombs) on an apt. by apt. basis, this could explain the failure of the methods: fumigation is known not to work, in fact it spreads bed bugs to adjacent units. The exception is if the ENTIRE building is tented and fumigated at once with Vikane gas. Your building’s PCO was spreading the bugs by fumigating single units. Nice work.

I do hope you are getting proper treatment from an experienced PCO in your new home!

8 deb December 18, 2006 at 8:15 pm

JR Have you gone on this blog FAQs and seen some of the information posted? Thank you for the Patchouli Oil suggestion…we must let people know this..but as for the cold weather I am not certain how affective it is in killing the bugs…if you read some of the articles you will get good information. I think the temperatures must be below freezing for about two weeks. Are you using any chemicals ? If so , what are you using ? When you moved the bugs must have moved with you…Did you take furniture with you? I also hope you have contacted a capable exterminator. It isn’t easy to get rid of these bugs by oneself.

9 parakeets December 20, 2006 at 10:49 am

I have two questions for Heloise on bedbug clothing issues:

1) I’ve been actively fighting an infestation for many months now and repeatedly washing and drying my clothes (hot water, colorfast bleach, dryer for 2 hours on as hot as possible) has beaten my clothes to a pulp. They are pale and ravelling, literally. Clothes that couldn’t be washed were mostly tossed. I am starting to look poor, but I don’t know what kind of new clothes to buy that will withstand this bedbug treatment. Also, I can now see through my sheets, they are wearing so thin.

2) As soon as I take a sweater or something off, I seal it back up in a ziplock bag. This is preventing me from being bitten during the day (hooray!) but, I’m embarrassed to admit, my clothes are starting to smell from not being aired out. These particular items don’t need to be washed, they just need to be aired, but I don’t know how to do that when I have bedbugs. Today I had to spray myself with Fabreeze before I left for work.

Bah humbug bedbugs.

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