Got bed bugs? Hoping for more feedback!

by nobugsonme on December 4, 2006 · 2 comments

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Well, we did reach 20,000 hits just hours after the 2 month anniversary of the Bedbugger blog.  I am glad we are able to reach so many people, but obviously horrified at the number of people who need a site like this.

I referred in the last post (about hotels) to my anonymous emailer, who said this:

As to comments, I can see how the subject matter makes readers hesitate to post even anonymously — which is a shame, because you deserve feedback and it would be good to get more discussions going.

Bed bugs are icky, you don’t want anyone to know you have them, and you certainly don’t want your landlord, tenants, neighbors, employers, etc. finding you here.

I get that!

I am writing to you anonymously.  I hope that readers will feel equally free to post using  a pseudonym.  When you click comment, there’s a space for a name, an email and a website address.   If you don’t want to give your email address, or name, no problem–you can type in a fake nickname (anything from KillBugsNow! to WileECoyote–he tried to kill Bugs, after all– to AnonymousGal will do).  If you come again, try to use the same one–that way we can remember you.   You don’t need anything in the email column nor in the website box on the comment form–leave ’em blank.

You can hide behind another name, and still tell us what you’re thinking, what information you need (we’ll help if we can), or just let off some steam.  It helps, I promise!   And we’d love to hear from more of you.

And of course, if you don’t want to comment on a post, you can always email me: nobugsonme at yahoo dot com.

1 nancy August 3, 2009 at 11:17 pm

hola en mi casa ay chinches y todoas las noches m pican que puedo aser pera que ya no m piken a mi ni a i mama??????/

2 traduc August 5, 2009 at 1:17 am

Nancy, lea los articulos aqui: para desarrollar ideas y un plan de accion para erradicar las chinches en su casa. Es recomendable obtener los servicios de un exterminador profesional ya que las chinches son una peste dificil de controlar. Sin embargo, puede mejorar sus condiciones con ciertos pasos (lavando la ropa y la ropa de cama y secandola a alta temperatura, inspeccionando los muebles y eliminando las chinches que esten a la vista, con una aspiradora por ejemplo, y siguiendo otras sugerencias ofrecidas en los articulos que le indico). Suerte. Si arriendan, avisele al propietario o a la administracion; en muchas ciudades ellos tienen que ofrecer los servicios de control de plagas (exterminadores) a los inquilinos.

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