Bed bugs. Are. Not. Dust Mites.

by nobugsonme on December 4, 2006

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Oy, Bradenton / Sarasota / Manatee Florida: Bradenton Herald business reporter Robin Roger is steering you wrong. The article “Mattress sweeper prevents the bed bugs’ bite” is about dust mites.

Back in August, there was a local station which covered the NYC City Council hearing on bed bugs and used a photo of a dust mite to introduce it (I’d link to it, but they were embarrassed and pulled it down.) And now this.
Say it with me, dust mites are not bed bugs. Dust mites are a smaller problem. You need to enclose your pillows and mattress in a dust-free cover and wash bedding regularly on hot and dry it on hot.
Bed bugs are a big, big problem. Bedbugs will infest not just your mattress and pillow (which, again, need to be fully enclosed and frequently washed on hot and dried on hot), but will also get in your clothes, walls, skirting boards, picture frames, dresser and other furniture, sofa, and so on. They will bite you day or night and suck your blood, reproducing like mad. They will make you extremely itchy and you can easily pass them on to your friends, acquaintances, and neighbors.

Bed bugs make dust mites look like fun.

And if y’all don’t wise up, Florida, everyone will soon have them.


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