Stanford U bed bugs: being fought with enthusiasm and wisdom

by nobugsonme on December 3, 2006

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Well done, Stanford– more press on the recent bed bug infestation at Stanford University implies the college is indeed taking great care not to spread the infestation further.

All of the students’ belongings which were in the rooms where bed bugs were found (down to notebooks and laptops) were conviscated and searched carefully by PCOs before being returned. (I doubt most home sufferers get that kind of professional assistance, and we should.)

Clothing was washed and dried on hot and bagged.

The students were moved, but unlike most colleges, Stanford took care not to move the bugs, which as we know, can be transferred easily in even one unwashed item of clothing or book.

I do think they have a good shot at containing this, and if so, I do hope they’ll share with other colleges how they do it.


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