December 2006

Bedbugger Jess: almost famous!

December 30, 2006

We’re very proud of our Jess and her “An Open Letter to my Bedbugs” which was posted anonymously on Craigslist. The author’s identity is known only to Bedbuggers, as far as I can tell. And that’s in no small part due to Jess’s modesty, which is as prevalent as her writing talent. Now Jess’s piece […]

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cast bed bug skin photo!

December 28, 2006

We’ve been hoping for a cast-skin photo for some time. Now, a photo of a live bed bug (left) and a cast skin (right) from Wikipedia.

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Indian Pest Control Industry; thermal imaging of insects inside walls

December 28, 2006

Two interesting things in the Financial Express article from India: First, the note that there are only two pest control companies in India. Second, the mention of ThermaCam, new thermal imaging camera for detecting and tracking termites inside furniture: Anand said the company is trying to step up the use of technology in pest management, […]

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Bedbug Warning

December 27, 2006

Bedbug Warning Originally uploaded by litabug.

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Share your tales of Bed Bug Woe

December 27, 2006

(Updated 1/10/2007): BuggedinBrooklyn requested a place to tell your personal stories of ongoing battles with bed bugs. These stories begin below. Comments are disabled below, but after you read this thread, you can continue the conversation by clicking here to read the latest post in the “Tales of Bed Bug Woe” series.

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Thanks to our Editor

December 26, 2006

Hey Nobugs!  I think a thank you is long past due.   So… Thanks for creating this blog.   Thanks for maintaining it.   Thanks for being a moderator and a purveyor of wisdom.   Thanks for scanning your alerts every day and for writing clear, intelligent and funny commentaries on the news items from […]

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Hints from (Bed Bug) Helloise: your bedbug-opinions on hanging Space Bags, Space Bag Totes

December 26, 2006

Bed Bug Helloise writes: Our home was covered in XL ziplocs full of clothes and linens; you couldn’t even twirl a masked assassin bug in here. So we got some space bags: they seem airtight enough, if you vacuum them carefully (though sometimes they re-inflate). However, they should best be kept standing up vertically, according […]

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Tracing the path of the epidemic

December 24, 2006

I wondered where this idea, previously mentioned in another recent article, that bed bugs entered NYC through Queens, and particularly Astoria, arose. According to this article in the Queens Tribune, it’s Gil Bloom, of the NY State Pest Management Association. I would like to know more about this theory, which seems plausible enough. What’s less […]

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Success stories, from those who beat bed bugs

December 23, 2006

Let me start by wishing you Happy Holidays, whether that greeting is belated, early, or just about right on time (depending on your holiday and when you tune in!) Holidays are a bad time to be suffering from bed bugs. We could all use a little cheering up now and then, and many of us […]

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December 23, 2006

This guy is grossed out because he thinks “bed bugs” eat his dead skin cells and discarded hair. Alas, if only.

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Bed bug unfriendly mattress re-sellers: recommendations?

December 22, 2006

Reader “Hopeless” asks: What mattress retailers, if any, do not offer 30-day “comfort trials” and do not cart away used mattresses? Great question, Hopeless. (I hope you’ll soon have cause to change your moniker to something more hope-ful!) This is something I’ve been wondering myself. Obviously, if you’re buying a new mattress, you want one […]

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How about a nice 277-year-old remedy?

December 21, 2006

One reader asked how people got rid of bed bugs, say, about the year 1910 before modern chemical treatments were invented. Well, how about the year 1730 and this published formula? Warning: This is extremely flammable. We have not used this method and we strongly recommend you do not either. LETTER TO THE EDITOR (Note: […]

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