some hotels know what to do about bed bugs

by nobugsonme on November 23, 2006 · 5 comments

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It’s true that even upscale hotels suffer from bed bugs.

Back in May, an unidentified hotel in Vancouver disclosed its bed bug protocols to

1. We’ve trained our housekeeping staff to watch for the tell-tale signs, i.e. blood spots on sheets and other visible signs. Also to watch for and have repaired any maintenance issues (torn wallpaper or other areas where the bugs might hide)

2. We have a cleaner take one room out of order every day and deep clean it. This allows in our case, as we’re a fairly small hotel, to thoroughly clean, maintain and inspect for bugs every room in the hotel at least twice per year.

3. When infestations are found, the room is immediately placed out of order, all portable goods including mattress, bed frame, headboard, duvet, bedside table, drapes – absolutely everything is wrapped in plastic sheets and transported to a walk-in oven (I’m not kidding) that we’ve constructed in our parkade

Click here to read the rest: then goes into detail on the oven the hotel has constructed in its parkade, to eradicate these blood-sucking monsters.

Now, can anyone tell me which hotel this is? I think we should be singing their names from the rooftops. Perhaps they don’t want to admit they have bed bugs (who can blame them). But I think we all realize now that all hotels have bed bugs: they just don’t all have them in every room. Travelers bring bed bugs in; there’s no shame in that. But having a plan and dealing with them swiftly and surely is what we need.

I wish my neighborhood would build an oven like this where we could all truck in our infested stuff. Oh, and let’s put an oven in that truck for in-between uses, eh?

1 mgdecombe November 24, 2006 at 2:26 pm

Very interesting article!

This gives me ideas about inventing a portable BB cooker, which could go round to hotels & homes to bake up a batch of dead BBs on demand! Then, I presume, the contents of the bag stay BB-free while the rest of the space is treated. (I would still use the pesticides in my hotel, btw, if I had one.)

My only question is whether or not the plastic melts at 150 degrees F? Seems like it would, but maybe not.

Does this mean we can put stuff into the oven at home, rather than the freezer?

2 nobugsonme November 25, 2006 at 1:58 am

At least some plastics do. I think the Space Bags warn you they can’t be used over 120 or 130 (I forget which).

I think you can bake some stuff. Remember that it must reach the temperature of 140 (I think that’s what Therapure says) and stay there for 4 hours. A lot of your stuff would either melt or change 9might dry out). Watch it carefully–I suppose its a fire hazard too.

You know, there is something on the net somewhere about how one of the furniture rental companies in the US uses heaters in their trucks to kill bed bugs on furniture they’re going to rent out. It’s been a while since I’ve seen it.

If anyone sees a link on that please share it here.

Anyway, if someone wanted to make a bundle, they’d get some of those heaters and trucks and hire themselves out. They’d be the best moving trucks too–you could ensure yourself virtually bug free before moving in.

3 vacationer October 30, 2007 at 11:16 pm

Please please is there some place I can find a list of the hotels that are doing it right, so I can stay there when I travel?

4 nobugsonme October 31, 2007 at 12:36 am

Your best bet right now is to choose a hotel and then check its reviews on It is not a guarantee that they are bug free if there are no reviews mentioning bed bugs, but bed bug reviews are a bad sign.

Also, you must check the room as per the CBC video (look in the sidebar under “video”. Be thorough. If you see signs of bed bugs, demand another room. Although this also does not guarantee a bug-free stay, it is another level of protection.

The truth is, bed bugs can be brought into any room, any day. Any guest can bring them in. There are no ways of ensuring this is not so. However, vigilance and inspection can help you avoid the most egregious infestations. I would bet that these folks who are claiming they got 50-100 bites in one day did not search the rooms in advance.

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