Bedbugs called “a new kind of roach”; building managment lies

by parakeets on November 4, 2006 · 1 comment

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A friend of mine recently said she was told that her building was being treated for “a new kind of roach.” Then she described the treatment–all the tenants would have to put all their things in plastic bags in the center of the room, the treatment was going to be done 3 times over a 3-month period, they had to empty out all their drawers and closets, etc., and they had to leave the building for 4 hours.

Sound familiar? I just KNEW her building was being treated for bedbugs, not for roaches. She said the management blamed immigrants for bringing the “new roaches” into the building (she lives in a senior complex that has over 100 apartments).

Why do they lie to tenants? Tenants in my building weren’t told we had bedbugs either when they treated us. I had to find out from seeing bedbugs and looking them up on the internet. When I went to the bedbug conference they said disclosure to tenants was **not** necessary except in San Francisco, and that building managers could have “chaos ensuing” in a building if they told tenants the spraying was for bedbugs. So they often don’t tell people.

Buildings are being treated for bedbugs and tenants are not being told? This is dangerous. It happened to me. It happened to my friend. We have to change the laws about disclosure. I believe San Francisco has new laws about full disclosure. Landlords and governments elsewhere are getting away with lies and bedbugs are spreading.

If a building is being treated for bedbugs, they should not be allowed to say the treatment is for a “new kind of roach.” Is Gail Brewer’s pending legislation changing this in
New York City? Regulating mattresses are one thing, but tenants should also be told if their building is being treated for bedbugs.

1 nobugsonme November 4, 2006 at 10:21 pm

What a scandal! You’re right–landlords should be required to tell everyone in a building if even ONE unit is being treated. Pamphlets explaining signs and symptoms of infestations should be given to all tenants. And tenants should be told they may have bedbugs even if they see and feel NO bites.
I appreciate Gail Brewer’s work on the bed bug issue, but you’re right–mattresses are not the main problem. I can think of only one person on bedbugger who got their problem from a used mattress! Out of over a hundred.

Since your friend lives in a senior complex, I am sure they thought the words “bed bugs” would create hysteria. And with good reason. Because I am sure all seniors grew up with stories of what their parents and grandparents went through with bed bugs. People have stories of extreme treatment methods, and even burning down the house and all the posessions in the worst cases.

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