Making mattress companies part of the no-bedbug solution

by nobugsonme on October 30, 2006 · 3 comments

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Are there any mattress companies who refuse to take away used mattresses? Most companies provide this “helpful service” (which helps spread bedbugs to otherwise uninfested brand new mattresses).

If there are any who don’t — and who use their own trucks (so we can be certain they’re not hauling old mattresses for some other outfit) — I’d love to know.

I’d also love to know if anyone has tips on checking a new mattress. I mean, my presumably-infested one looks just fine. If any bedbugs are living in there, I can’t see them. contrary to all the advice we see on “what infested mattresses look like.”

So how do I know if and when I get a new one? (I should add that I won’t be doing this for some time.)

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1 parakeets November 1, 2006 at 8:23 pm

In the Boston area, BJs Wholesale stores now seem to only sell mattresses that are sealed in heavy, clear plastic casings. I was relieved to see this and would only buy one that was protected like that. Even if a mattress doesn’t have bedbugs in it in the store, it can become infested on the delivery truck to your house (as you pointed out). There would be no signs on a mattress if the infestation is brand new unless you see the bug crawling. Those photos you see of infested mattresses on the web, with the brown speckles and such, are of infestations that have been around a while. I’ve had a bedbug infestation for months, only partially controlled, and I never had speckles on my mattress.

2 Jan Murray April 14, 2008 at 8:41 pm

I bought a brand new mattress for my son to start his junior year of college. About the 2nd month in to college, he has bites all over his body. We had to harrass the mattress store, that only sells mattresses until they gave him a new mattress. All this after he did exactly what they told him to do first. Cover the mattress and box springs, etc. We get the new mattress delivered, and it happened all over again. He actually caught one and put it in a baggy. It’s still living after 3 weeks? Now I’m wondering if the apartment had bed bugs before he moved in??? If so, I’m at a loss on how to approach the landlord. I have cleaned the apartment, and inflated an air mattress for the rest of his days at school. Thank heaven he is going to another apartment for his senior year, BUT I’ve told him I want to talk to the tenants.

3 nobugsonme April 14, 2008 at 11:32 pm

I would say there’s a good chance he got them from the apartment. On the other hand, he could also have brought them into the apartment after moving in. Cleaning and sleeping on an air mattress will not eliminate the problem. He needs to have a professional pest control operator treat, repeatedly, at about 2 week intervals. Neighbors must be professionally inspected. You must talk to the landlord, and try not to focus on who’s to blame, since that really is a dead end in most cases. Remember, you need to eliminate bed bugs from the home– or he may move them to your home or his next residence.

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