I asked New York’s Mayor Bloomberg what he is going to do about bedbugs

by bugzinthehood on October 30, 2006 · 2 comments

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by Deb

On Fridays, WABC radio (in NYC) has a talk show between the hours of 10:00 – 11:00 Am. It is hosted by John Gambling and is called “Ask the Mayor.” Mayor Bloomberg takes calls from concerned listeners. The phone number is 1-800-848-WABC. A few weeks ago, I called and the screener allowed me to “Ask the Mayor.”

My question to Mayor Bloomberg was, “Are you willing to address the growing bedbug epidemic in NYC?”

As fate would have it, Mr. John Gambling, the host, piped in and said, “Mr. Mayor, my friends have/had bedbugs and they are very difficult to get rid of!!” So I am asking, especially to those who vote, to call into the show and ask the Mayor if the City has plans to help all those who are afflicted by this vampire bug.

An infestation becomes a responsibility to help others; to do whatever we can do to stop the spread. What goes around comes around. Let’s make it our business to make certain that if one is fortunate to have a successful extermination, the bug will not have the opportunity to keep “going around.” I appreciate any efforts to help stop the spread.

1 nobugsonme October 30, 2006 at 12:42 am

HI Deb!
One thing you left out, if I remember rightly, is that the mayor was pooh-poohing bed bugs as not a very big deal, until the radio host piped in with his personal (albeit secondhand) experience of them.
I think that, in time, politicians, their relatives, and friends will suffer from this. Luckily, Gambling’s friends were not so embarrassed they did not tell him (as some people do maintain a wall of secrecy due to the stigma against bed bugs). Since they told Gambling, he was able to intervene and support your concerns.
I am so glad you called and asked this question. I hope others will too! We have to be bedbug activists; this is a problem that can spread quickly, or more slowly, and sufferers can be left on their own (which will guarantee it spreads further and faster) or given legal and financial assistance which slows it and means many are spared the suffering.

2 parakeets November 1, 2006 at 8:27 pm

Great activism, Deb! Do you know how many thousands of listeners you reached? Good for you and good for John Gambling. The Mayor won’t make a fool of himself again over the topic bedbugs, I bet. I predict bedbugs could become an issue that might even come up in future city elections as the bedbug problem grows. No one is pro-bedbug, but I will never knowingly vote for a politican who ignores bedbugs. I have been ignored too much on this topic. We need politicians who listen, not ones who pooh-pooh.

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