bedbugs in Denver

by nobugsonme on October 24, 2006

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bed bug

Originally uploaded by earmuffin.

This is a picture on flickr that earmuffin took, and the location is given as the Beltz / McGowan apartments in August 2005. Ahhhh, August 2005. I remember it well: it was too hot in NYC, but I had never heard of bedbugs. Good times.

Not only had I not heard of bedbugs, but I should add, I had a mattress covered in a vinyl cover to protect it from dust mites. Dust mites! If only.

(Click on the photo to enlarge.)

This bedbug sufferer was right to clearly mark their items as infested. But I’d recommend going a step further: do something DESTRUCTIVE to your items. Slash those sofas and mattresses (on the street, so they don’t bleed bedbug nymphs in your home). Cut clothing in half before discarding. Trash books somehow, if you must throw them out.

Some experts say not to throw things away, but sometime you have to. Remember, if you throw something out that’s infested and a neighbor reclaims it, the bugs will come back to you.

They liked you, after all.
You were good eatin’.


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