Bedbugger readers: multiplying faster than bedbugs?

by nobugsonme on October 18, 2006

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Welcome to readers of Mentalfloss and the BedBugBlog!

This blog is attracting an ever-increasing readership. We’ve only been going about two weeks, but every day more people find us; visits to the site increase by about 20% per day.

I hope most of you are just curious, but I have a horrible feeling lots of you are fighting these monsters, and need information. Be assured that we’re working to get FAQs up ASAP, so you can have the benefit of many Bedbuggers’ knowledge, gained the hard way.

We’re happy to carry the BedBugBlog baton, as Caitlin is now way recovered from bedbugs, and pursuing a more normal range of interests. Caitlin, who started the yahoo group that spawned this blog, is proof that you can get rid of these monsters.

Go, Caitlin, live! Be free!

It’s my impression that Caitlin was able to become bedbug free because her landlord exterminated every unit in her building. Not just her apartment. And this is what it takes. Until this is standard practice, many apartment dwellers will have only temporary respite from bedbugs, after their homes are exterminated. If yours is the only apartment treated, you’re just whiling away time until they come back.

News round-up: stories today from Ryerson University dorms (Toronto), and also from Greenwich, CT, and Pittsburgh, PA. Well, you know what they say about bedbug bites: they come in threes, like “breakfast, lunch, and dinner.” (Mine almostnever do, but it’s a lovely visual to leave you with, isn’t it?)


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