This video, “Bedbugs Attack!” by Kyle Scott Tekiela (on YouTube) is fabulous.

Maybe it will help educate folks who don’t yet believe there’s a problem. It features Michael Potter, the U of Kentucky entomologist we heard from in yesterday’s news round-up.

Thumbs up to Tekiela on interviewing middle class Americans, because most news stories are still caught up in how homeless people and poor people are the victims. Everyone can catch bed bugs, and everyone needs to learn about them.

Thumbs down to the pest control guy in the video: bed bugs can and do appear all over homes, including more than 10-15 feet from a bedroom. Perhaps moreso in apartment buildings, where your kitchen might be 10-15 feet (vertically) from someone else’s bedroom. And living rooms, offices? People are being bitten where they sit for extended periods, watching TV, surfing the web. And many, many do not see them. My mattress? It looks as clean as a whistle. So much so that I could sell it on craigslist, if I had no morals. And no one would ever know it was infested below the surface.

The bed bug is not a bed-related pest anymore. We need to think outside the box, ’cause they sure as heck are crawling outside of it!

1 daniel February 11, 2007 at 1:19 pm

I have had the unfortunate luck of dealing with end getting bitten by the notorious “bed bug”. I have to say it was the worst experience iv’e ever had living in an appartment building. The building was completely infested and the land lord swore up and down that there was no problem.There is a huge uprising in these blood feasting fiends.WE HAVE TO TAKE THIS SERIOUSLY!!!!!!

2 deblynn February 11, 2007 at 1:55 pm

Yes Daniel, We do have to take this seriously. Did you call into your local Health Dept. to complain about the landlord ?
What steps have you taken to deal with the bed bug infestation? deb

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