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by nobugsonme on July 13, 2007

How do I know if I have bed bugs? How do I catch a bed bug?

Advice from a Pest Control Operator on choosing a PCO to get rid of your bed bugs

Should I do my own pest control? What if I can’t afford or don’t want a professional Pest Control company?

Why don’t I just use an all-natural bed bug spray? How about a bed bug repellent?

Can I just do my own heat treatment for bed bugs?

I’m just going to set off a fogger. My Pest Control Operator (PCO) is going to fumigate with a bomb. What’s wrong with that?

To find out who’s responsible for paying for pest control treatment, see the FAQs on legal issues and landlords.

Do I have to tell my landlord / co-op board / condo association / residents of attached house next door?

How do you say/write “bed bug” in Chinese?  Arabic? Spanish?  Dutch? And 27 other languages (so far)? (includes link to multi-lingual bed bug warning sign)

How do I prepare for my Pest Control Operator’s visit / for treatment? How do I deal with my stuff during treatment? For how to deal with stuff, you may also want to read the Packtite FAQ.

I have had regular PCO treatment a number of times, and I still have bed bugs. Should I give up?

Our landlord is not dealing with this problem. I know others in my building are affected. How can I organize my fellow tenants to pressure our landlord to get rid of the problem?

Where can I read about others’ bed bug infestations and what they’re doing? Where can I share my horror story or ask questions about a bed bug problem? You can do this in the forums. Or read bed bug success stories in our forums.

Specific Methods

How to kill bed bugs with steam

What is diatomaceous earth (DE) and  what is Cimexa? Should I use one of these dusts?

Can I use kerosene or gasoline to treat for bed bugs?

Is there anything I need to know about using isopropyl alcohol (91% alcohol, rubbing alcohol) to kill bed bugs?

What is Vikane gas treatment? Should I use it?

Aren’t there any natural remedies for bed bugs? Will lavender oil, tea tree oil, eucalyptus oil, sweet rice, thyme, talcum powder, or boric acid kill bed bugs, repel them, or keep them from biting me?

Where can I buy DE, mattress encasements, Kleen Free, ziploc XL bags, etc.? Click here to see a number of products recommended by Bedbuggers.

Is there an insect that will eat bed bugs?

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