Who pays for bed bug treatment? Landlords, tenants, and other legal issues

by nobugsonme on July 13, 2007

What are my legal rights as a tenant? Who pays for bed bug treatment in rental units? (Also includes specific information on who pays for bed bugs in rental dwellings in a growing list of locations around the world.)

Do I have to tell my landlord / co-op board / condo association / residents of attached house next door?

Our landlord is not dealing with this problem. I know others in my building are affected. How can I organize my fellow tenants to pressure our landlord to get rid of the problem?

The landlord paid for regular PCO treatment a number of times, and I still have bed bugs. Should I give up?

I need legal assistance or advice, but can’t afford a lawyer. What do I do?

I want to sue somebody. Where can I read about bed bug lawsuits? Can you help me find a bed bug lawyer?

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