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yeah, this is the insanity

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    Probably a usual story. Neighbour came pounding on the door, yelling he had bedbugs and even had a prescription bottle of them (various stages) and a letter from the local health department indentifying them as defintely bedbugs. At that point, we contacted the landlord and they arranged for an inspection of our premises, and a spraying for the neighbour. Nothing found during inspection but he did reassure (?) us that very likely we were too lightly infested to spot them..YET. Yep, he was right. Neighbour cancelled his first spraying. (He was apparently too hungover and didn't bother doing anything to prepare). Within a week we started seeing the first signs. The occasional bite. Scat here and there. At this point (we're retirees and in our 60's) I'm scouring bedbugs sites for information, reading the preparation of bagging everything, taking down curtains, washing drying, etc. and thinking "wow, how are we even going to manage any of this" but as one blogger mentioned, it's a process. So I start double bagging stuff. Now the bites are getting more frequent and I'm vacuuming, do the diatomaceous earth sprinkling, and yeah, even spraying 95% alcohol compound. And it's getting worse. So the PO comes and sprays. And it escalates. So now Im seriously losing sleep and logging maybe 5-6 hours in naps. During the day when it's not quite so bad. PO is scheduled for 2 weeks. Neighbour downstairs again cancelled his appointment. Yeah, I went down, pounded on his door and screamed at him. Yes, I am losing it. Hubby called around to find out about renting the heat treatment units . Nope, they're booked solid for 6 months and there is a waiting list for the waiting list and cancels. I'm beginning to consider sleeping in the car. Seriously, and honestly, to the bug experts out there - please find something that helps. I understand the need to be thorough, but I (and a few million others) so desperately need help. The work, the cost, the worry is too much of a load.

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