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Woke up w single bite in middle of night

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    Posted 1 year ago
    Wed May 17 2017 9:45:02

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    So I lived through a terrible bed bug infestation a few years ago, a scare last year (found live bug, got sprayed, this happened literally a week before I moved so I just chucked almost all of my belongings bc I didn't wanna risk anything). It's been months w no signs on either myself or my packtite monitor. No infestation or lingering bugs from that single incident last year. BUT last night I woke up w a single bite on my bicep and the crook of my arm was red and itchy. This morning the bite seems to have completely subsided but my elbow is still a bit itchy (not red, kind of feels like dry skin but not). I normally react strongly and quickly to bites. I know this sounds ridiculous but I'm still so constantly paranoid of getting them... I feel like I just became comfortable again and now I'm paranoid all over again. I'm going to properly inspect when I get home from work and dry all my bedding to be safe, but I have no signs of droppings casings or live bugs and my packtite passive monitor is clear. Can someone tell me I'm being crazy and this could be a bite from something less stressful?

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