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why no bodies after 3rd trreatment

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    Posted 8 months ago
    Sun Dec 3 2017 17:09:18

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    Why do I never find dead bodies but I find live ones after treatment?
    I found 2 fed ones in bed sheet folds which started the whole thing.
    9 days later found 1 crawling on my pants while I sat at my computer desk.
    2nd treatment 2 days later (18 days after 1st treatment), nothing found by PCO.
    9 days after treatment found 1 crawling on floor near couch.
    Found another under mop near couch.
    Before the PCO came, the day of treatment, found 1 crawling on my pants while I sat at my computer desk.
    3rd treatment (14 days after 2nd treatment), nothing found by PCO (I got the impression that the landlord-supplied PCO doesn't do much inspection, just treats as fast as possible).

    I don't find any adult dead ones (I have vacuumed up some small black things).

    I am NOT an expert.
    My opinions are just opinions, they may NOT apply to yours or any situation.
    My advice is to always do a LOT of research.
    A lot of what I read contradicts other stuff on the Interweb.

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