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When should I take my clothes out of the ziplock bags?

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  1. jannifer20

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    Posted 5 years ago
    Fri May 1 2009 16:20:18

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    Have had my clothes bagged since August of 08. Last bite I think. I had some nymphs around my computer. I could see kind of a sparkling in my hand. (I know this sounds
    a little crazy. I enclased my bed etc. Also I have been using tincture of neem oil mixed with water. A professor from India told me that it makes the numphs sterile. No sign of them, except I worry about the car.
    So, how do I know when to take my clothes out of the bags?
    How would I ever know if they're gone?

  2. Emmm

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    Posted 5 years ago
    Fri May 1 2009 17:56:27

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    August '08! :O Wow! If you've been so many months with no signs, wouldn't it be safe to maybe take SOME clothes out and see how it goes?

  3. sorsha

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    Posted 5 years ago
    Sat May 2 2009 9:40:09

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    If you're in a single-residence building and you've seen no sign of them since August, I would think you'd be okay.

    We're probably not going to stop keeping our clothes packed up until we move--because we live in an apartment building and I don't trust that the bugs won't come back from another apartment, even if we manage to kill all the ones that were living in here.

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