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Whats next after 2nd Treatment

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  1. TiredParanoia

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    Posted 4 months ago
    Tue Jan 10 2017 19:11:02

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    November 22, 2016 started my trip to Bedbug Paranoia Land!

    While putting my daughter to sleep that night, I noticed a little bug crawling. I thought at first it was a spider or something. I was able to put it in a glass jar and to my surprise it was a bedbug. That night I did not sleep. I was engulfed in research. I called an exterminator and they came out the next morning to inspect.

    They inspected my daughters room and they found no evidence of bedbugs, but because I caught the one (they confirmed that it was one) they decided to treat. They gave me a prep check list that was lengthy and it took me all weekend to get it done. Luckly, they were able to come out on November 28, 2016 with thanksgiving and all.

    We bagged everything in large plastic bags and dried everything that had previously been washed. We kept the bags in the house. We bagged all toys and placed books in plastic bins. Mostly we did a huge purge of toys and only kept books, art supplies, legos, barbies (daughter couldn't part with some) and their cloths (which were washed and dried). Because of my paranoia, I tossed the wooden bed frames before they came to spray.

    They came and spread Demand CS .06% strength. They sprayed the entire house, including couch, beds in our room, my daughters room, my sons room, bathrooms, everything. They told us to stay out for 4 hours. When we returned we placed all beds and boxsprings into encasements. Per the instructions, they told us that we could put our cloths back into the drawers and closets and toys back. I figured this was ok, since they were pretty respectable. I did however ask why they would advise us to put things back and why would we not just keep everything bagged an they told me because it the bugs should be exposed to chemical. We did as they instructed for clothing that we use often. Everything was fine. During this time, no one was bitten. I checked all kids, my husband and myself. So everything was good right.....

    Wednesday, January 4, my daughter found a nymph in one of her small toy boxes. She had some pens and a coloring book on her bed and put them in the bin and she saw the bug emerge. She bought the bin to me and of course, there was a small nymph (stage 2 it looks) and my whole world came crashing down!

    Luckily the PCO has a 60 day warranty that they will come back for a second treatment for half the price of the first. So I called and they came out yesterday and sprayed Temprid SC .1% strength. The requested prep work was not that much, Just the vacuuming etc. But I did the whole 9 yards again. I dried everything, bagged what was allow for the children to play with and kept the books in the plastic bins.

    Because I'm still paranoid, I have not slept and cannot eat much (From what I have read here, I'm not the only one) . I just want to make sure that we don't have to keep paying for this and make sure I can do everything in my power to stop a small infestation that may become a bigger problem later.

    So all clothing and toys from my daughters and sons room are all in the garage. We live in a cold place so hopefully that will slow anything that may be in the toys. Ultimately, I wanted to ask around (Ive read like almost all the threads here), but have not came across one that addresses this issue: replacing clothing etc into the rooms as normal (no bagging) after second treatment. According to the PCO, basically while the material is fresh, its best to let your stuff be out just incase there are stragglers. That way they are exposed to the material and will die. If you wait, then you risk the chance (after 6 weeks) that they will not be exposed and will multiply!

    Idk, I just at this point am tired, but wanted to know what people think. They also said that I should be good because originally when they sprayed, they believe I had a light infestation with a couple dozen. They said that I should not see anything after a couple of weeks.

    FYI I did buy some Ziplock large bags and the airtight bins that I could find and plan on just using those for weekly clothing since everything is dried and in bags right now.

    Also, the PCO told us not to use the over the counter stuff that we bought, because it would act as a repellent and cause bugs to hid in not so normal places and move to other rooms.

  2. CleaningToDeath

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    Posted 4 months ago
    Tue Jan 10 2017 21:35:17

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    The clothing and toys you put in the garage, did you hot wash and hot dry clothing and bag them up prior to putting them there? The cold may slow things down, but we must remember that they can survive without feeding for over a year. My concern would be the toys, especially anything plush. You definitely don't want to be clear, and next spring or summer re-introduce these items back into the home with a possibility of reinfestation. Actually a bit of warmth, helps speed up the cycle of bbs, and I'd rather know I'm clear, unless you wish to keep the items bagged for up to 18 months or so.

    Also since source has been seen in daughter's room both times, is she in daycare, or school, and possibly around an area/person and they are hitch hiking on her clothes, backpack, toys?

  3. barelyliving

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    Posted 4 months ago
    Wed Jan 11 2017 16:54:08

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    Both those chemicals are ones that the bugs have a fair amount of resistance to. See if you can talk the PCO into another treatment with Transport GHP or Crossfire. And maybe after the treatment is dry you can put down a light layer of Cimexa with a paintbrush in cracks, crevices, around bed and furniture legs, deep in couches and around baseboards.

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