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What to expect after treatment? Seeing increased bug activity....

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  1. bugsinDC

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    Posted 3 years ago
    Tue Sep 14 2010 1:35:46

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    I recently moved into a new apartment. My roommate in my OLD apartment found live bugs several months ago on her bed frame. The landlord's PCO "inspected" and apparently found nothing. Without asking anyone else, she dragged her bed through the apartment and threw it away. She also, at the landlord's request, bagged a sample of bugs before throwing the bed away and showed them --- they then "inspected" again and said they couldn't find anything (again), and that the problem was gone. Several weeks later, I started being bitten in my room --- still no visible sign of bugs. I called and the landlord sent the same PCO to inspect AGAIN and AGAIN said they found no evidence of a problem. Landlord refused to treat. I then privately hired a DIFFERENT PCO to bring out a K9 who alerted several places in the apartment (incl. my bed and sofa....), but again, nobody could find any live bugs (even after thoroughly inspecting all areas where the dog alerted). I took this information to my landlord, threatened to call the health dept., etc. etc. etc. and finally got her to agree to treat (reluctantly). However, the management company dragged their feet and scheduled the first phase of treatment for the week before my lease was up. Thus, I was forced to move all my belongings after only being treated once.

    Knowing I was likely bringing bugs with me, I proactively arranged to have my new apartment treated. Approx. 2 weeks after the first treatment (in my old apartment -- not sure how thorough this treatment was, however, since I don't trust my landlord's PCO and wasn't present for the treatment), my new apartment was treated by a company I hired --- they sprayed the whole apartment with, it's my understanding, both contact killing and residual chemicals. This was last Tues, Sept. 7. I returned to the apartment the next day to find several dead bugs lying around on the floor.... yuck. This is the FIRST TIME I have actually seen a bug throughout this whole experience (aside from the original bugs on roomie's bed). Today I saw what I believe to be a bed bug climbing up the wall.... also yuck. The PCO I hired says it's normal to see increased bug activity after they spray, and that after coming into contact with the chemicals the bugs will die. They are coming back to spray again and encase my mattress next Tues, 2 weeks after the first treatment I arranged through them.

    I am just disconcerted to be seeing bugs, despite knowing that no one treatment alone can kill all bugs. Is it true that increased bug activity is normal after a PCO sprays, or are things actually getting WORSE? It's weird to me that I would see nothing for several months (despite bites) then all of a sudden see several bugs, at least one alive. I am afraid that these bugs I'm seeing have been laying eggs that won't be hatched when the PCO comes back to treat next week... won't that mean ANOTHER treatment? I thought 2 weeks between treatments was normal.... should it be shorter?

    In short ---- should I be panicking because I'm seeing bugs AFTER I just had the place treated? Does this mean treatment isn't working? I am still receiving bites, though not as frequently as before... the PCO also says this is normal, and that they should continue to decrease.


  2. bedbugtechnicians

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    Posted 3 years ago
    Tue Sep 14 2010 6:16:57

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    It's perfectly normal to see increased activity after a first treatment, if the pco is using a residual insecticide which is sprayed in the relevant areas in the room, the bugs come into contact with the treatment some die relatively quickly others take a while the most effective insecticides act on two fronts contact killing and effecting the growth pattern of the bugs.
    The bugs have been disturbed and those that have come into contact with the treatment start going crazy because they quite simply are dying, they start appearing at times when you wouldn't normally see them and venturing out of their safety zones.
    Hopefully your Pco will return about 14 days from the first treatment do the second treatment, 14 days from that assuming your Pco is doing his job correctly, you should notice a big difference over the time period, treatments should last at least 28 days sometimes more so that any unhatched eggs can be caught when they hatch within that time.

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