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What Gives? Are these little bastards really that smart?

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  1. Hbreen

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    Posted 10 months ago
    Tue Nov 14 2017 15:44:43

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    For the first time in 3 weeks here I am sitting at my desk.... In the same chair I used at the same desk uncomfortable

    We had our second treatment exactly two weeks from the first one. This time I was more calm and walked through with the treating PCO , I explain after the panic and the prep, the tears and was able to calm a bit in the last two weeks. I've still been bitten. I explained were not finding them, I showed him how we found evidence none of us noticed on each window blind and all my questions. He informed me an infestation of my sort hes usually out of a home my size with in 20-30 minutes for ONLY follow up treatments with no bites... HES NOT SEEING THEM EITHER yet ... clear visible bites so this time 45 minutes and wait to come inside 2 hours sounds great.

    His first question to me was "Are you still being bitten? my answer was yes because it is here we are not finding anything. We have RESPONSIBLY thrown away a box spring, books, all my sewing fabric our Christmas tree since we couldn't seal it just a bunch of things prior to the first treatment. Our home is still noticeably still in active treatment trying to get nothing a miss. I will wear layers to bed to get UNinterrupted sleep to wake up to two bites ON MY FACE, I swear I felt the bastard crawling on me . I couldn't find it.

    as I have stated in other postings that were ALWAYS a mess due to trying to type it in a panic from my phone which was a complete disaster. All the clothing and bedding we decided to keep and bag we either washed and dried and baged in contractor bags and tapped OR we Dried and sealed the same all to fit in the tub. Our every day clothes are in small lid locking totes that were approved by the PCO and two space saver bags stacked with all air out at the top of the closet. The mirror removed from the Dresser and that is in the closet as well easily accessed and only hangers to be seen. Our living room furniture consists of two kitchen chairs and cheap walmart 10.00 pressed wood end table. We don't have a curtain rod or a curtain to speak of hung. all our socket covers are even off , i'm waiting to get electrocuted . "what happens if you put your hand in the light socket mom?"

    We sealed our windows with caulk, where we found the dirty bastards originally , I am not comfortable in my own home. I have noticed what is biting me has taken kindly to the no fur in our dogs ears, I have checked her and checked her some more for fleas and my bites are not of fleas. She has no other welts else where and as soon as one heals theres one on the other ear. She sleeps in bed with us faithfully every night and takes over my husbands pillows as soon as he leaves for work. I have bought white sheets and our mattress is encased we see what may be fecal very tiny black dots that wont' come off and one smear. There is nothing in any furniture in our room for lack of places of getting away with hiding . Why am I getting bit and not finding these bastards?

    We are set to get another inspection in Two weeks I know that isn't gonna be the end , but I don't know where were missing them. My husband doesn't react to bites and we live in a bran new Trailor aka modular home or even a mobile home they are called. We now can be considered trailer trash. I mean bad joke, were not bad people and this cardboard and staples was expensive damn it ! What I am getting at here in a trailer there are alot of things that I have noticed that would be great ground for things to hide and well bedbugs thanks to the asshat family member who is done scratched off of existing to us. Our "quick" follow up treatment turned out to be 45 minutes and him finding jack shit and were broke, lost what feels like half our shit and the "minor" infestation is turning out to be major.

  2. thirdusername

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    Posted 10 months ago
    Thu Nov 16 2017 0:28:51

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    Bites can take a week+ to show up and old bites can start showing up again apparently.
    And people can react to bites one time but not another on the same or a different part of the body.

    I think I read BBs prefer people so they would only bite your dog if there were no people around.

    Is there any chance they are mosquitos?

    Hang in there.

    I am NOT an expert.
    My opinions are just opinions, they may NOT apply to yours or any situation.
    My advice is to always do a LOT of research.
    A lot of what I read contradicts other stuff on the Interweb.

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