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WARNING: bed bug industry professionals, please read this!

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  1. Nobugsonme

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    Posted 12 years ago
    Tue Oct 23 2007 2:30:41

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    If you are a Pest Control Professional/Pest Control Operator, work for a PCO, or have any kind of relationship with a company providing services or products to bed bug sufferers, we're glad you're here.

    However, please consider the following the rules for your participation here:

    1/ Do NOT post messages or send private messages (PMs) fraudulently representing yourself as a customer of your company. (And don't represent yourself as an unhappy customer of a competitor.)

    2/ Do NOT post messages or send private messages (PMs)advertising your company directly or offering your services. If you want to advertise on, you can do so via Google (there are links above ads) or contact

    (#3 added 3/12/2010:)

    3/ Please do not ask your customers to write reviews. Such efforts are generally quite transparent.

    It is fine -- encouraged even -- to mention your affiliation and location. Using your real name, as some professionals do here, inspires a lot of confidence.

    You may add your company's website to your profile so that your username is blue and links to your homepage. People will see this and contact you.

    Please do not type your website URL or phone number into your posts.

    There's a clear line between mentioning you are a PCO, and coming onto the forums primarily as a means to drum up business.

    We have recently had a number of complaints about both of these behaviors on the forums, and we also recently had an incident where a PCO was pretending to be a happy customer and raving about his company on the blog comments. We caught him, within minutes. It is not the first time we have caught someone. It is really not as hard as you would think.

    Misrepresenting your interests in this way is unethical behavior. And frankly, it assumes a level of stupidity on the part of our readers and the management of the site which is not accurate.

    Many upstanding, decent, respectable PCOs, bed bug dog businesspeople, and people who sell bed bug-related products, have posted here, openly, as themselves (either using their actual names or a pseudonym). They have declared their affiliations or line of work, but have not used the forums to sell or promote their services.

    Many of you bed bug pros have provided us with vital information and we appreciate your presence very much.

    The truth is, and these folks know it -- if you are open, and smart, and nice, people will want to call your company and do business with you. They will contact you-- you won't need to approach them. Your firm will get a good reputation here based on how you carry yourself.

    If you misrepresent yourself, or your relationship with your company, or you approach people to offer your services, or post messages which are veiled ads for your company with email links, web links, or phone numbers, you are abusing these forums. You will eventually be found out, and your firm may get a bad reputation based on this. It will be preserved here for other potential customers who come along later, and it makes your company look bad.

    Update (11/12): I would also ask that professionals remember that the purpose of this website is to share information about bed bugs. Please do not use it as a venue for fighting with other service providers. You may ask questions of other providers, and you may provide information (linked to the source of that information whether it is another part of this website, or an external website). But please do not try to sway public opinion about your business or your competitors except in regards to supported facts.

    If you violate these rules, your posts may be deleted at my discretion. Gross disregard for these rules may lead to your being banned. If you have concerns, contact me: nobugs at

    Thank you for your cooperation in making a supportive environment for people going through the hassle of bed bugs. I apologize to all of the upstanding and ethical professionals here that I even have to mention the concerns above.

    If you have questions or comments about this policy, or anything else, please leave a comment on this thread, or send me an email at, or a private message.

    I started and run the site but am "not an expert."
  2. Nobugsonme

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    Posted 4 years ago
    Wed Dec 10 2014 12:46:22

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    This information is covered in the forum rules, which is a sticky.

    I am unsticking this thread. I am also tagging it "former stickies" so you can find it again if needed.

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