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    so, i got my first few bites a few months ago. i got the lovely breakfast lunch dinner pattern on my right knee, and brushed it off as nothing until i woke up with 1 up my thigh and 1 on my belly on the same side of my body. i was a moron and tried to rationalize for a few weeks and set up a PCO to come and check after that period. the one thing i did find was what made me call because i'm 90% sure it was bed bug feces because it left a felt tip point after i picked it off. it was the size of a period on the computer.

    let me just say i highly doubt that initial inspection was performed by someone who knows what theyre talking about. they said there was "debris" by the baseboard, i picked it up after he left and it looked like a dried up liquidy scab, no resemblance to a bed bug, bb shed skin, or bed bug poop. he showed me an egg and i freaked, but thinking back, i think it was too big... can't be 100% sure because he freaking moved the bed and couldnt find it again so i just vacuumed after.

    because they wanted to charge an initial, come and spray for a few months after that doing monthly charges, i knew they were not invested in the proper process to get rid of bed bugs so i contacted another company who has a dog and seemed like they know their stuff.

    that company's guy came out, and i had told them the other company's guy came out and found signs of bugs. since i put an encasement on my box spring and mattress, my boyfriend who was home at the time he came to inspect said the PCO just lifted the mattress off, didn't open the encasement and just said "it's early". found no proof and just trusted the other guy.

    so, $750 given to this company, and the guy comes and treats. the paper he left says he found nothing. he just came again today, and said he found nothing. i am still getting small pimply bites, less itchy than the initial 5. i probably have just under 20 bites total. they are all on my armpits, neck, chest, back, and a select few on my thighs, and all in rows of 3 with a lot of them having 2 very close together.

    i have stayed up until 3-5 in the morning on a couple of nights and searched but nothing. my boyfriend does not react to the bites, he has some itchy spots on his back, not in rows, but he always has pimples or hives anyway so it's impossible to tell. once when we stayed at an airbnb with bedbugs most of us got bitten but he didn't so this is another point towards it definitely being bedbugs.

    the only living things i find in my apartment are these extremely tiny bugs by the outlet in my bathroom. this past summer i brought a wreath in from outside to put on the bathroom door and found bugs that look like these ones on it. they are way too tiny to take a picture, probably also the size of a period.

    so, question #1: do those sound like mites?

    question #2: my landlord made me pay because there are no signs in the surrounding apartments, and they claimed they had something in the lease that covered their ass, but i read it and it is clear that was meant for the incidence of fleas being introduced by pets. they specifically say "pet insects" which bed bugs are not. worth going to court? there are 144+ apartments in my complex and i live in new york state (not nyc).

    and any experiences similar to mine are welcome. calling me nuts is also expected. but i just feel weird since i put it off the initial ~month that there are still no actual bugs but i'm getting all these bites.

    BTW: i'm in the albany, ny area and initially called natures way pest control but am using northeast pest control for treatment

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