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So angry

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  1. Pissedmama

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    Posted 9 months ago
    Fri Jan 12 2018 13:59:04

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    So let me start at the begining......

    November 25th my toddler wakes up witha rash on his face and hands. We take him to the doctors and are told its staph impetigo so he is on oral and topical antibiotics. I am also told it can be contageous.

    I come home wash the bedding and try to be careful. A few days later I get it. So back to the doctors oral and topical antibiotics for me as well. I spend the next 3.5 weeks at home with my son thinking I am doing a crap job at getting rid of this terrible rash on the both of us. 2 rounds of antibiotics for each of us later. My husband seems to be fine.
    I decide to start looking on the net regarding rashes.

    I get it in my head its bed bugs.
    Dec 18th. I find a nymph on my bed inder the sheet on the mattress. I bag it up and have a massive panic attack.
    I call the on-site building manager and tell him. I ask him if there have been any bed bug issues in the building. He says yes... you neighbors😕
    I knock on the neighbors door and ask them if they ate still having issues and they say they thought they hadn't.
    ( we sharea bedroom wall)
    I keep talking to them and find out the manager told them under no circumstances were they to tell anyone.
    They had had an issue since July.
    They tell me they had an exterminator come from the building manager 4 times.

    First time he just told them to throw out their mattress.
    Next 3 times he sprays but they are not given any instructions and do absolutely nothing to prep their place.

    They tell me after all this they still have an issue ( obviously the pco is useless and turns out to be just a friend of the building manager)
    They tell the building manager and he tells them he isnt doing anything else because it costs money).

    At this point I am furious. I have always been paranoid about bedbugs and have read up on them before. The neighbors started self treating for a few months with over the counter stuff which obviously just pushed them in to my place.

    The building manager tells me the pco is coming in the morning.

    Dec 19th.

    Wake up its snowing ( blessing in disguise) I call the property management company and am furious at how poorly this has been delt with. Of course the woman on the phone ia very gaurded and unhelpful.

    The building manager tells me the pco isnt coming due to snow. This is a good thing as its the same guy from the neighbors.

    I call back the properry manager and tell them to get a pco here immediatly and one that is actually competent.
    The building manager calls me shortly after and tells me someone is coming at 3pm. I ask for the details and look the company up and call them. ( I had called many that day for info ). They seem very knowledgeable and astounded by previous treatment.
    In this time I had also double bagged up everything in my room and put it outside.

    Pco comes. Finds 2 eggs and a few fecal stains on my boxspring. He says it looks very minor. He goes next door with the properry manager. PCO cant tell me about the neighbors obviously and the manager says they only found one dead bug (lies). They also inspect all surrounding apartments. Only mine and neighbors have issues.

    He starts treatment on our place only as neighbors is not ready and cluttered ( neighbors at work this whole time) Hubby, son, dog and I stay the night in a hotel. I am careful to make sure we change in the laundey room of the building and only take stuff I have washed and dried thay day.

    We come home and I drop my son at a friends and go on a rampage getting rid of everything I don't need/ want.
    I threw out at least 40 bags of stuff including books and dvds clothes etc. I bag and label everything I throw out properly. ( silver lining is I did a major purge that was overdue) I also asked the manager for the report and it showes the neighbors had a significant infestation still. Lots of visual signs of live bugs in their box spring.

    I did about 60 loads of washing over the next few days. I places all stuff in contractor garbage bags and new rubber made tubs. Everything treated went in to storage except our clothes that came back in to our apartment but to this day is still in bags and tubs.
    I Let everyone who had been at our place know about it . Thankfully just my siblings and a girl I look after paet time.

    Dec 22 we go away for Christmas to my parents on the island . I had worked like a demon from the 19th to the 22nd making sure everything was washwd and dried and stored. I let my parents know of course and they said to come still as they know what I am like. And we made sure to only bring fresh laundered items.

    Dec 29th second treatment ( we are still away)

    Dec 31st come home. Put the place back together and get mattress covers intercepters for the bed.

    Notice dead silverfish but have never seen anything since the first day and no bites.

    I have yet to unpack our stuff and probably wont for a while.

    I can only hope that the neighbors have done their part. They did say the new pco was much better and thorough compared to the last guy and they also did a lot of prep.

    The neighbor suffers from mental health and her wife seems like an alcoholic. So I am hopeful but holdong my breath.

    I am also taking the property manager to rental tenancy to cover any out of pocket costs we incurred including replacing my bed as we were never given the option to be pro active. They clearly did not follow the healthboards instructions for property managers or apartments.

    I have lost 20 lbs and have had to up my anxiety meds and be on sleeping pills since this started.

    We have been bite free since about Dec 16th.

    How long do you think it could be until I can breath easily?

    I also want to thank the people on this site for running it and the experts who give their time to answer peoples questions.

    I have been lurking since Dec 20thish.

    I hope my fight is over.

    Pissed off Mama bear.

  2. Pissedmama

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    Posted 9 months ago
    Fri Jan 12 2018 14:32:25

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    Also passive monitors. Whete can I buy some?

    Amazon Canada has some from a third parry seller 12 for 600 bucks. Seems a little steep?
    I dont want raid ones I prefer the ones I am seeing on this forum.

  3. thirdusername

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    Posted 9 months ago
    Fri Jan 12 2018 16:35:47

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    Hi Pissedmama,
    I live in an apartment too and the building-supplied-pco sucks.
    I haven't talked to any of my neighbours but I'm pretty sure the one across the hall and down the hall was treated at the same time.
    I know other units in the building have bed bugs.

    It is really good you eventually got a real PCO.

    Passive monitors are really expensive in Canada.
    I bought a mattress cover and interceptors from in Montreal.
    $22 + $15 shipping though
    Maybe you can find a local PCO that sells them.

    I am NOT an expert.
    My opinions are just opinions, they may NOT apply to yours or any situation.
    My advice is to always do a LOT of research.
    A lot of what I read contradicts other stuff on the Interweb.
  4. Pissedmama

    Joined: Jan '18
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    Posted 9 months ago
    Fri Jan 12 2018 17:10:00

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    Thanks thirdusername. I bought DE and intercepters ofd amazon. I bought mattress encasements frpm bed bath and beyond that have good ratings and were not cheap.

    I will call the pco and sew if they sell passive monotors.

  5. Ruth989

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    Posted 9 months ago
    Fri Jan 12 2018 17:23:18

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    You can also get passive monitors from BedBugMutts, who are based in the Lower Mainland.

  6. CopperblueJ

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    Posted 9 months ago
    Thu Jan 18 2018 9:20:08

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    I wouldn't exhale yet, but you're headed in the right direction. We had them as well and also live in an apartment. Our manager/owner also asked us not to share the news with the neighbors. He did nothing, but we did it ourselves. We used spray and diatomaceous earth.
    It's been months since we've seen any signs. I'd get some as it's inexpensive, non toxic and effective. I'd get the piece with the earth that makes it puff outwardly, almost like smoke. The consistency is very fine and smooth. I'd apply it around places you sleep just to be on the safe side. This is just my opinion based on experience only.
    Good luck!

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