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Should landlord pay for encasement?

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  1. BBBuster

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    Posted 8 years ago
    Wed Dec 2 2009 17:42:57

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    i just moved in to my new apt 2 weeks ago and 1 week ago discovered bed bugs crawling out of th fireplace, on the wall, etc. and now of course on my bed. I've seen adults and babies.
    My landlord is apologetic (unknown if he knew before renting me the apt or not) and has had the PCO there twice to spray, put the powder down etc.

    I am about to buy the Protect-A-Bed encasements and am probably getting a Packtite as well, but just wondering if I can make him pay for any of this? On top of moving costs this supposed dream apt has become more of a nightmare!!!

    Btw, I am in Brooklyn.
    thanks for any insight you can give m!

  2. parakeets

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    Posted 8 years ago
    Thu Dec 3 2009 10:40:45

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    At a bedbug conference I went to, lawyers on a panel said that they felt the landlord should probably be fiscally responsible for things like encasements and dry cleaning. I personally have heard of more than one landlord who pays for encasements, particularly when the PCO recommends them. That does not mean your landlord will pay, and of course the laws might be different in each city. I took a course with a housing lawyer who said that even if doing something was legal, it was also important not to create an adversarial relationship with your landlord, so take that into account. Give the bill for the encasements to your landlord if it won't create an adversarial relationship that would make it not worth it. You can remind your landlord that if you put an encasement on, you don't have to replace the mattress and this way he's saving money by not having to buy you a new mattress.

    Could you ask the PCO who treats the customary practice is about landlords paying for encasements in your area? I don't know if you could get a landlord to pay for a Packtite. Maybe if he was going to shell out hundreds of dollars for your dry cleaning, you could have him buy you a Packtie instead?

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