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Should I be concerned about my eBay Purchases?

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  1. leelee

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    Posted 1 year ago
    Tue May 16 2017 19:11:12

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    I posted this when I posted some photos of bugs I found (NON of them were bed bugs) but I did not get any advice on my story below.....

    About 1 month ago, I purchased some vintage, used Apple Computer items off of eBay including 2 keyboards, 4 mice, 2 power cords, and 3 boxed software discs all from different sellers.

    I am paranoid about germs, bugs, etc. so I opened all packages outside. I restore these items as I collect them. For the keyboards I remove every key and take the keyboard fully apart. The individual keys are soaked in soapy water and the rest of the keyboard is blown out with compressed air and cleaned with rubbing alcohol. For the mice and power cords, each one was thoroughly blown out and cleaned with rubbing alcohol but was not taken apart. For the software boxes, everything was checked.

    Since the above was done before I knew about how common bed bugs were I didn't look super, super carefully but regardless did not find anything alarming that I can remember. After the items were cleaned (several days later). I did place them in my bedroom on the floor.

    It has been several weeks now and I have found nothing but tend to get a little OCD about stuff like this. I ripped the room apart last week and found nothing but some carpet beetles and spiders that I posted on here. Since then I have checked and checked, finding nothing so far. After 1 month would I notice bedbugs if I was looking carefully?

  2. BigDummy

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    Posted 1 year ago
    Wed May 17 2017 12:42:51

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    Low risk items, I wouldn't be concerned in the least.

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