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Self-treatment advice?

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  1. jpalmer

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    Posted 9 months ago
    Sun Sep 10 2017 13:47:18

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    I just moved into my new apartment on August 29th, and on September 4th I detected bed bugs in my bedroom. (Seems like a low-level infestation. Extermination is happening tomorrow!!) Between the 29th and the 4th, my girlfriend slept over two times, and she brought an overnight bag each time. I'm extremely worried that she picked up bedbugs on her overnight bag and transferred them to her own apartment. (She has since treated her overnight bag and its contents as a precaution.)

    What are self-treatment options for her? (I'm much more worried than she is.) If she has a bedbug or two, this would be an ideal time to snuff them out pronto. Any chemical solutions I could find at the local Ace? Please let me know!!

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