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Self Heat Treatment in bedroom

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  1. idealist

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    Posted 1 year ago
    Mon Apr 17 2017 22:24:18

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    Am I crazy to think we can do this on our own? I'm thinking we could set this up in our bedroom and zap our room. I know the bugs might retreat into the walls, but we have done two chemical treatments and we still have bugs.

  2. Richard56

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    Posted 1 year ago
    Mon Apr 17 2017 22:37:36

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    Hopefully others more knowledgeable than I in heat treatment will respond, but a few thoughts --

    1. Check the electrical requirements very carefully to make sure your home can handle the unit.
    2. You will have to somehow deal with bed bugs escaping the treatment room into another part of your house.
    3. You will need multiple thermometers, not just the one they give you. Thermometers will have to be placed strategically in different parts of the room and in different belongings so that kill temperatures will be reached for the appropriate time. You will want to research that out in advance.
    4. Heat has no residual properties so you probably still should use insecticides in addition to capture any stragglers.
    5. It's a lot of money if it doesn't work with a no-return policy. Funny that they won't let you return the unit because of possible bed bug exposure when at the same time it says the unit kills "100% of the bed bugs in the room"
    6. This is a real DIY'er type of project. Does that describe who you are?


  3. Nobugsonme

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    Posted 1 year ago
    Mon Apr 17 2017 22:42:51

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    I've never seen a pro experienced with heat treatment who recommended doing it yourself. In fact, it's not unusual for some bed bugs to survive even when an experienced pro does heat treatment.

    I'd personally try to pursue further traditional treatment. It's not unusual to need three treatments.

    If you have attached neighbors, they should be professionally inspected as new introductions could be the source of a continued problem.

    I started and run the site but am "not an expert."
  4. F. Pazos

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    Posted 1 year ago
    Tue Apr 18 2017 2:21:00

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    I think that I have to give some advice.
    We are a PCO company in Hong Kong especialized in Bed Bugs.
    Among other treatments, we offer heat treatment.

    Due to Hong Kong buildings (the city with the most skyscrapers), the kind of heat treatments that most of this forum users know (using generators) is not possible. As so, we had to create our own approach with a mix of smaller electric heaters and gas heaters. Our success rate is over 95% in the heat treatments. We treat from 150 sqf studios to over 2000 sqf homes.

    Now, I think that I can give reccomendation about this DIY question.
    First, heat treatment is extremely dangerous, all our technicians need to follow training during 1 year before they are allowed to perform without supervision (and that includes a 2 week basic firefighting training), I say this because it is important to bear in mind that you can end up homeless.
    Now about the heaters. I am sorry to tell you that this 1 heater and 2 fan set will not work for many reasons:
    - Electric heaters tend to be too slow to reach killing temperatures. So when you reach temperatures the bed bugs will be gone long time before. to make it clear, when it says 17000 BTU enough for 325 sqf, I just want to laugh... This is the power for preheating that we use during preparation, when I say preheating i mean air temperatures between 38 and 40 degrees Celsius (100 to 104 F). After that, we go on full heating mode, and that means at least 25000 BTU for less than half the area, any less than that, the failure chances increase geometrically.
    - With this 2 fans you will have too much circulation for that heater, thus, the temperature will drop (you see? need circulation, but too much is even worst). On top of that, those fans are for carpet drying, so more than circulating the air, they will direct it to certain areas.
    - 30 amp for 17000 BTU is energy wasting.
    - with only 1 thermometer you will need to spend too much time in the heat just to find out the cold spots, and then you will not be capable to really do the treatment, yes, I mean the just the heat is not enough, you will need to move everything several times.
    - As per the prior point, this is not a 1 man job, both for physical work involved and, even more important, SECURITY!!!!!... Apart from the dangers that everybody read about before, the health risks involved to the technicians are extremely high: have you ever did strong physical activities in a sauna? no, right? it is actually forbiden!!!
    - Just with heat, your chances to fail are very high, it is very easy that a few bugs escape the heat... you need to use some residual insecticide.

    So, I would recommend you not to do it.... but, as I say to our customers, it is your home.... In my opinion, for the money that the heaters cost, you can get a professional to perform the heat treatment or you can continue with the PCO that you are using right now... the chances of success will be much higher.

    Professional PCO based in Hong Kong specialized in Bed Bugs.

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