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Saw 2 bed bugs, cant find source. 1 in Liv Rm, 1 in Bed Rm

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  1. nov11899

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    Posted 8 years ago
    Fri Jan 1 2010 13:51:04

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    I saw a tiny bed bug about a week after halloween 10-31-09 in the living room while my daughter was lying on the floor. It appeared to be crawling toward her. It was day time, which I thought was odd. Thought these things only come out at night? After confirmation from 2 pest control companies and a friend that had them years ago I began ripping up my home to find a source. I couldnt find any more aside from a dead one in my bathroom which again I thought was odd. I know what a roach looks like and this wasnt that. What food source would be in the bathroom? I do have a balcony and was told they could have come in from there through a bird etc. Had an exterminator come in to do an inspection. He didnt find anything either. Gave me some glue traps to put around the beds and said if I didnt see anything in a week or so Im probably safe. Well Dec 29th 2009 which was about 2 months after the first sighting I had cleaned my house throughly and while sitting in my computer chair looking through some papers on my desk I saw another bed bug adjacent to the foot of my bed, maybe 4-5 feet away at the base board of my wall where it meets the rug. I killed it. It was bloody and much bigger than the 1st one I saw 2 months ago. OMG im so grossed out. Started spraying everything. Searched my bed and my 2 daughter's beds and nothing. My rugs are professionally installed so the edges are very tight and hard to pull up. The landlord prohibits me from removing them so all I could do was drown the rug with bed bug spray. There were a few sections I was able to pull up and look under and found nothing but still paranoid. Could it be an isolated thing? Both sightings were during the day, no trace of any bed bugs. My bed is not wood, no head board or foot board, so I know I didnt miss any spots. No one has bites out of 4 of us living here. I taped the legs of the bed frames to catch anything that might crawl up them. Still no sign. I dont want to find out that in another few months I am infested but Ive checked throughly and havent found anything, not even feces or any other bugs. WHAT SHOULD I DO????

  2. Nobugsonme

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    Posted 8 years ago
    Fri Jan 1 2010 18:00:46

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    Have you carefully compared the bugs you saw with the photos of bed bugs here?

    Have you saved the samples you found?

    If so, you should get a pest management professional in who is experienced in detecting and treating bed bugs. You should not self-treat if at all possible, because you can actually spread the problem around and make it harder to treat.

    I started and run the site but am "not an expert."

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