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Role of weather on bedbug colony growth?

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  1. this2shallpass

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    Posted 2 years ago
    Tue Sep 29 2015 8:13:39

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    This is something I've been wondering about ever since we discovered bedbugs in my son's bedroom early last June. Like most people, we would love to know how, when, and where my son picked these monsters up (you know, so we can never go back there again), but I suppose that mystery will never be solved.

    My question is more about the timing of our discovery, and whether or not the warm weather caused the bedbug colony to become more active, and also whether the bedbugs within the colony moved through their growth stages more quickly due to actively feeding on my son?

    Also, my son came down with a flu in late May, so he was home from school for several days, and in bed a lot (which made for an all-you-can-eat buffet for the bugs, open 24-hours). Would this type of situation cause the bedbug population to grow and spread more quickly than they might have, say, a month earlier when the weather was colder and my son was only in his bed for 8 hours a night?

    To sum up: Are bedbugs more active in the summer months? And do bedbug colonies grow more quickly in a situation when the host is bedridden?

  2. BigDummy

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    Posted 2 years ago
    Tue Sep 29 2015 8:54:06

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    I haven't experimented with temperatures in controlled environments so I'm not sure if an area that only has a temperature swing of 20 degrees or less because of heating and air conditioning would have a noticeable change in their behavior.
    What I have experienced is the noticeable colony size difference of a host that is away from home for the majority of the day and when a host spends the majority of their day in bed or on a couch. When bed bugs have a near constant meal available throughout the day their numbers increase quicker than when the host is not available at all hours. They will feed day and night.

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