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Red Cross for bedbug victims?

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  1. parakeets

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    Posted 9 years ago
    Tue Aug 19 2008 16:10:59

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    In the news we see families losing apartments and homes due to fire or weather and the Red Cross assists them, putting them in hotels and getting them emergency supplies and aid. If someone is forced out of their apartment due to severe bedbug infestations, able to take nothing with them (not even the shirt on their back in some cases), is the Red Cross available to help those people?

    I feel for the bedbug victims who are poor. Where can they get aid? If there was a "Bedbug Cross" giving assistance to such families, I would support it, but I've never heard of any organization that specifically helps those who are "homeless due to bedbugs." If I win the lottery, I am fuding such a charity.

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