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Rash similar to that of a bed bug

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  1. runisfashion

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    Posted 8 years ago
    Sun Jun 14 2009 0:41:08

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    I had on the back of my neck what I believe to be a carpet beetle. I killed it with my fingers. Later that night a rashes appeared on the left side of my back then it grew to the right side and down the back of my left arm appearing as if it were in rows similar to that of a bed bug.The furniture was checked for bed bugs but the only bugs we see repeatedly are what we think are carpet beetles. I didn't feel it bite me. Do they bite and can they leave a rash such as the one I described?

  2. DragonFlight

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    Posted 8 years ago
    Sun Jun 14 2009 13:51:02

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    Don't worry, it is probably Carpet Beetle. They can bite or sometimes there hairs on them can make you itch. Many people have carpet beetle, you may have a small quantity of them in which case, don't worry.

    Remember if you do find bed bugs, for your own sake try to keep the numbers very low it will increase your chances of self-elimination which there was a chart put up on this forum on how many numbers you have how long it can take, I believe seeing less then 7 you can eliminate them in 2-3 weeks tops. Also be aware that if you live in a apartment or even if you don't and you see one you may have brought one home or a straggler walked into your unit in which case as I say KILL IT but try to find out where stragglers are coming from cause it can be annoying seeing a straggler every so often staring at you screaming "hello, I'm hungry can I bite you".

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