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Random bites and no bugs found

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  1. nyc1235

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    Posted 1 year ago
    Thu May 18 2017 11:00:10

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    So this all started May 6th. I was sitting on the bed with my cat and I felt something on my knee almost like a sharp bite. When I looked down minutes later it got puffy and red and super itchy.

    Every day since I have I gotten several more single bumps in different areas-my forearm, my ribcage, my hips and my thigh. They start with a bad itch and then get puffy and stay for a few days (unless I scratch them).

    We have had bed bug mattress and boxspring covers on the bed for years as precaution so we know nothing would have entered the bed to live. I have torn the bed apart twice and washed everything in hot and cannot find a single thing to suspect bed bugs. I even have started throwing the covers pen at 2am when it's dark with a flashlight. Nothing.

    I am so frustrated and went to the Dr who was also clueless and said it could be hives from a recent change in my medication. I've never had hives stick around this long so am thinking the worst.

    If these were bed bug bites would they all be single like the way i'm getting them? We do have a cat who was adopted a month ago and is very scared so I am worried about a dog inspection.

    What do you guys think?

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