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Ramblings of a crazy person; Or, could this be a bedbug bite?

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    Posted 1 year ago
    Wed Jan 11 2017 19:07:36

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    So, some background. One year and five months ago (to the day), I discovered I had been sharing my bed with some gross little dudes (who I named Felix, to make them less icky). I don't know what made them think they were welcome, I certainly hadn't posted a vacancy or for rent sign on my bed, but whatever the reason, I was sharing my bed with my boyfriend and god knows how many little Felixes. They were hungry and I, apparently, was delicious. After the treatments and six grueling weeks of acting as living bait, they were eradicated. We got protective covers for our mattress, bought new pillows and encasements, and a new bed frame. A year later we moved to a different apartment (unrelated to the BB incident).

    Flash forward to today. I woke up with a big red itchy mark on my neck. I tore the pillows out of their cases (NOT encasements), checked the mattress encasement seams, and the bed frame to the best of my ability... We were stupid, though, and the away the monitors when wet moved.... Well, the boyfriend did. He is convinced I unnecessarily hoard things (which is only a little truth), so he threw them away. Fine.

    We haven't had any at work in over a year and unless I per chance picked them up on public transit (even then, I sit carefully and bag my work clothes when I get home), I can't figure out how we would have gotten them....

    My question is.... Does this look like possible bedbug bites and I just missed the little... Houseguests.... In my search this morning? I recognize that bites are not proof, but thanks to my anxiety disorders and OCD I cannot stop thinking about it. Any opinions would be appreciated. I'll include the confirmed bites from the 2015 War on Felix for comparison.

    Photo 1 from 1/11/17
    Photo 2 1/11/17

    Comparison photo: confirmed bites 2015

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