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Question: Bed Bugs and hardwood floors - Residual

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    Posted 6 years ago
    Fri Dec 2 2011 19:19:26

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    My question is regarding best ways to treat hardwood floors.

    The short story is I got a used couch that had dormant bed bugs. We noticed a few bugs one week later, bites showed up a day or two later then discarded the couch. We had a PCO over that I found out I used to work with. After he looked over everything he said this is so minor I could resolve it myself, but just be meticulous and I will be fine. He advised using BedLam and DE and we have gone thru an extensive cleaning and treatment.

    (if interested I posted a long version: )

    We have all hardwood floors throughout the house that are almost black, so it's easy to see pretty much anything on them. Only the living room has any small (2 credit cards in width) gaps here and there. I have treated the all gaps with BedLam (took 2 hours to be sure) and the baseboards. I then put DE under the baseboards with a duster after the Bedlam dried. I have been doing dawn checks with a flashlight, which is tedious, but helpful to me. We encased our mattress and box spring and changed to bright white sheets to better track anything, so far nothing and no bites.

    It's been 11 days since we got rid of the couch. I found 3 very small nymphs covered in DE a day or two after putting down DE so their days were numbered. We put down BedLam on 11/29 on pretty much everything more or less. Since then I have found 1 nymph that was not moving very quick. It was almost fully transparent with a very very small dark black spot. (Probably from their first blood meal a while back.) All of the nymphs we found have only been found in the livingroom within a 7 foot radius of where the couch used to be.

    With all that in mind,

    (1) When using BedLam in the cracks, what product should I mop the floors with so it doesn't affect the Bedlam?

    (2) Is there another residual product that would work well as a surface spray on the floor, or only concentrate on the cracks, baseboards and furniture?

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