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Question after the first bed bug treatment

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    Sat Dec 2 2017 23:21:20

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    I've been having bedbug problem and got my first treatment about a week ago and getting my second treatment next week. I haven't got any bedbug bites after the treatment (I encased my mattress and put the climbup interceptor under my bed so maybe that's why) and I had some questions from what I'm noticing around my apartment after the treatment.

    1. I called my pest control company about the climbup interceptor (I made it myself with plastic container and baby powder) but they said not to put anything in it because it helps bedbugs climb up. What I've heard from others was that baby powder with talc makes it more slippery for them to climb up the trap. So I was wondering if I should keep the powder or remove it

    2. I found 2 dead bedbug after the treatment, one on the floor near bed and another inside my bathtub while I was taking a shower.. It is possible that it could have fell off my clothes but should I be worried about my bathroom as well?

    3. I have some ant problem in my bathroom but I only saw 1-2 every few days so I didn't really care bout it. But after the bedbug treatment, I've been seeing 5-8 ants everyday in my bathroom. I know that the pest control company didnt treat my bathroom but is there any chance that the treatment and ants more coming out is related? Could it be that the ants are coming out more for the dead bedbugs in my apartment suggesting the treatment is working?

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