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Question about ziploc bag storage and cleaning tools

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  1. mysterybite1

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    Posted 3 weeks ago
    Tue Oct 31 2017 18:20:52

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    I am constantly paranoid about ziplocs that have touched possibly contaminated items.

    When doing laundry, if you place all your dirty clothes in an xl ziploc, do you have to throw away that bag after you empty that laundry in the washer? i want to place the ziploc in a laundry basket with a smooth interior. I wipe the inside of that laundry basket with a lysol wipe (not sure if these are contact killers, but when I dispose of them I do so with other garbage in plastic bags). They do sell rubbing alcohol wipes, but you would need to dispose of them in a plastic bag as well I would think because when they dry they will become attractive fabric that can harbor bugs.

    This question stems from a larger one about the tools you use to clean and protect your items from bed bugs in general - i am going to schedule steam cleanings for my car but am worried about the cleanliness of the steamers. I have read on here that there are ways to keep a vacuum clean of bug remnants with the bag disposal and inspection, but I always worry that you will miss a nymph or egg on a cleaning tool; is there a way to clean these items to eliminate this idea? Same with a packtite or any other de-bugging tool - the outside will always be vulnerable to missing spotting a nymph or egg. If someone told me after inspection, simply wiping off with an alcohol wipe would be a best last step, that would ease my mind. Is there any instruction like this to tell?

  2. BuggingForInformation

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    Posted 1 week ago
    Sun Nov 12 2017 3:40:15

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    If you have possibly infected clothing in a bag, don't put your heated clothes back into that bag. You never know.

    When I vacuum, I wash my tool tips with hot water and soap, then, allow it to air dry. I also store my bag in a freezer.

    I have no idea about alcohol wipes.

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