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Question about Bed Bug fecal matter?

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  1. jrcrets

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    Posted 1 year ago
    Mon May 15 2017 20:18:54

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    So I've been trying to determine if I still have bed bugs or not (PCO came out about 2-3 weeks ago and sprayed apartment). I've noticed a few weird bumps but they don't itch all that much and don't look anything like the previous bed bug bites I had.

    So I'm trying to determine in other ways if they're still here. I found some fecal matter on my mattress but it's very possible it was there from before the spraying. How long does fecal matter stick around? Would it still smear if it had been there 2+ weeks?

  2. F. Pazos

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    Posted 1 year ago
    Mon May 15 2017 21:42:15

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    About the smear,
    It depends on relative humidity. Due to the place where I work (with very high humidity levels between 60 and 99%), we had to do field checks by marking several faecals in many homes for a 2 year period and checking them during follow up visits. We found that the highest the humidity and the bigger the stain, the times increased to up to 32 days of smearing.

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