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Please help to ID the poop

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  1. alissamark

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    Posted 10 months ago
    Wed Oct 11 2017 13:12:14

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    Hello there. A little scared girl (23 y.o though) needs help.
    I have found today several poops all over the room - I cleaned everything pretty well 4 days ago. So I guess that they appeared in this period, but I found them all only today- it might happened within a day.
    So long story short - several stains in different parts of the room, pics are below

    2 spots like this under the bed-

    on the inside part of the window (cant be a bird) -

    window spot again -

    fun begins- on the kitchen table. I know I know, it could be food - but please believe me, i didnt eat food like this lately at all. I found like this one but round near the bed. PLEASE HELP !
    Link -

    without a flash -

    There were some spider in the room but could they leave all of that?'
    Many thanks for help!

  2. BigDummy

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    Posted 10 months ago
    Wed Oct 11 2017 14:03:48

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    I'm positive it's not bed bug related, possibly not even insect related. The size and consistency are very different, and the locations aren't in what I would consider typical areas for bed bugs.

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