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PLEASE HELP!!! BUG ID--Squashed bug, blood, but it's green???

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  1. pleasehelpbugid

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    Posted 5 years ago
    Sun Jul 22 2012 8:24:16

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    Freaking out...

    Was sitting on the couch (which is actually a futon, and it's encased) and working on a crossword puzzle when this little bug went flying across the page. I tried to watch it for a few seconds to get a good look but had to squish it before I lost sight of it.

    I was 100% sure it wasn't a BB nymph until blood came out of it. It was whitish-green. Like legitimately green. I assumed it was an aphid or something similar from the garden, as it's summer and I've been leaving the back door open quite a bit.

    It doesn't appear green in the photo--but there is a green smear next to the red--just as much green as there is red.

    The other reason I didn't think it was a BB at first was that it didn't appear red at all (filled with blood) and I was surprised it smeared red when I squished it.

    Please help! I'm feeling very anxious. Never had BBs but seeing them everywhere. I've seen a fed BB nymph before, crawling on someone's t-shirt who was standing in front of me at Starbucks. I studied it carefully and it looked JUST like the pictures--no mistaking it was a BB.

    Any help much appreciated. Do aphids have red blood? Do any insects aside from BBs, flies, or fed mosquitos leave red when you squish them???

    Thank you!

    P.S. No other signs of BBs in the house. I thought I had a bite on my knee earlier today but haven't been home for 2 days. The bite disappeared in a few minutes and wasn't really itchy. I ripped apart the futon and found nothing--no fecal stains, cast skins, or other bugs. The encasement is clean, as are all the pillows and pillow cases (all are light colored). I actually had just gotten out of the shower and changed into clean clothes straight from the dryer. I have no idea where this bug came from, as it didn't come running up my arm. It was either in the crossword puzzle book, or fell onto me from the ceiling, from how it appeared out of nowhere.

  2. thebedbugresource

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    Posted 5 years ago
    Sun Jul 22 2012 16:15:19

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    From your descriptions it is not likely bed bugs that you have been seeing. And no offence ... but if I had a dollar for every time someone swore to me that the insect that they took a picture of, collected in a jar, or saw crawling was a bed bug, and then turned out not to be, I would be a very wealthy man. For this reason I do not take people's word for what they saw ... My seeing is my believing.

    To answer some of your questions about blood:

    All insects have hemolymph (which can range in colour from clear to white to yellow to green). They also have a small amount of hemoglobin (which is red).

    When you squish an insect you get a mixture of the red (hemoglobin) with the other colour of their hemolymph which can result in orange, brown, green, red, yellow, etc. depending on the percent of each present and where the fluid exited the insect.

    Insects that feed on blood will contain much more hemoglobin (from their host) and when you squish them it is more the undigested blood from the host that you see rather than blood from the insect.

    Bed bugs are not likely to produce green hemolymph when you squish them.


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