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Pet Safe OTC Sprays?

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  1. catatonique

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    Posted 8 years ago
    Mon Aug 3 2009 21:59:02

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    Hi eveyone,
    I'm new to these forums, have been dealing with a bed bug problem since late June, I am on my 4th visit from a exterminator (scheduled for Thursday). Things were quiet for a bit on the bite front, but this past week I have started to get bitten again and saw one bug under my sheets (which promptly went into bags and the wash). I have my mattress/box spring covered but my cat seemed to have made a hole in one so I purchased a more sturdy one online this morning after finding this bug but temporary checked the vinyl one I have on now for any holes and duct taped them.

    Anyways, aside from the little back story, to be super-cautious I was wondering if any of the OTC sprays/dusts were proven to be pet-friendly (and worked to at least help the situation a bit). I have 2 cats that I can not keep out of the bed room (they know how to open the door) and don't want to use anything they could potentially come into contact with that is harmful to them. But I do want to do a little self treating between visits as this has made me (like so many others I have read about) ultra-paranoid.

    I did try searching the forums, and googled a little bit but did not find any solid information (saw some that were dog friendly but I know some things that are ok for dogs are not for cats), so I was hoping a fellow cat owner would be helpful and point me in the correct direction.


  2. buggyinsocal

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    Posted 8 years ago
    Mon Aug 3 2009 22:15:26

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    I went with thermal treatment, so I can't give you specific names of chemicals, but I can pass on this general advice.

    Be sure that while you're being professionally treated, you run absolutely everything you're doing to self-treat by your PCO. Your PCO knows what substances have been placed where. Some people get over zealous and steam after PCO visits without thinking about the fact that steam breaks down the chemicals in some residual pesticides and makes them less effective. Some PCOs don't want you to even mop the floor after treatment. Using OTC chemicals without running that by your PCO can cause interactions that neither of you want.

    As for the problems with cats, avoiding use of OTC chemicals without talking to your PCO is doubly important. Cats are much smaller than we are and are therefore more affected by chemicals used.

    If you're concerned about your cats' claws piercing encasements, one thing to consider is clipping their claws once every five days. If the claws are dull, they can't actually poke holes as easily. Some people opted to use Softpaws, small vinyl caps tat go over the cat's claws to dull them. I was too freaked out about one falling off and me not noticing, so I went with clipping. Others were very happy with Softpaws. ::shrugs:: I'll let you figure out if either approach is helpful for you.

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