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    I was at the laundromat today and decided to stop by the pet store next door. They didn't have DE, but he said "why don't you get something with permethrin?" He showed me a bottle of Zodiac flea/tick spray. I actually remembered that I had some of this left over from a few years ago when my cat had fleas. It has 0.28% permethrin in it.
    Is this safe to spray, just as a barrier of sorts, around my door/thresholds, bed frame, and couch? It says that it has a residual effect of 7 months. It says it is for carpet/upholstry, but I don't feel safe spraying it on my mattress, bed, or couch unless someone here could give me more insight.
    I have already sprayed it at the threshold of my bedroom door (which is being quarantined at the moment), on the carpet around the sofa, and the threshold of my son's bedroom door. I only sprayed lightly. (A PCO has already been to my apartment for the first treatment; no sign of bed bugs anywhere except my bedroom, but he treated the entire apartment. I also have seen no live ones since, just dead ones.)

    Any advisement on dangers, cautions, use, etc. is appreciated. Thanks. (Please keep in mind that I have a one year old; I could care less about being engulfed in chemicals myself, but I don't want to affect my son at all.)

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