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Open you mind and look at the detail

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    Posted 11 months ago
    Thu Jul 13 2017 6:20:03

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    I wanted to create a post to illustrate something. Its about how most people work with their eyes and how you can train them to look for the levels of detail.

    By way of illustration I have picked an image I captured last week:

    level1 by David Cain, on Flickr

    This can be considered level 1 in the detail. The object and its surroundings.

    As you drill into the image you get to a 2nd level, the object itself:

    level2 by David Cain, on Flickr

    Inside of this there are still levels to look for. Level 3 within the flower heads:

    level3 by David Cain, on Flickr

    When you get down to the individual flower the resolution starts to get lost, level 4:

    level4 by David Cain, on Flickr

    However, you can clearly see that there are layers still to explore such as the interface between the blue and white parts of the plant.

    It also illustrates how the colours change and matter less than the physical detail within the image.

    It also illustrates why clear focus is so essential.

    To share a little of that down to the cellular level of detail this is one of my favorite images:

    IMG_5434 by David Cain, on Flickr

    Hope that helps and gives any easy set of demonstration images to help people "look into the detail".

    David Cain
    Bed Bugs Limited

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