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One or two bugs... advice needed

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    Posted 1 year ago
    Wed May 17 2017 0:19:23

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    I opened an eBay package in my bedroom a few days ago and later the next day found 4 bites in a line on my back. I have been bitten by bed bugs while traveling in the past and know that I start to react mid-day following the night of being bitten. This seems consistent with my past experience. Concerned about bed bugs, I washed and super dryed the bedding, put on a mattress encasement (which I happened to have!), vacuumed the bedroom/threw away the vacuum bag, and mail ordered climb up interceptors and two passive monitors. Beyond that I haven't done anything except implemented a strict policy of not moving items around in the house. I'm wondering about next steps to confirm if bed bugs are present. Do we just wait for the climb up interceptor & passive monitors, isolate the bed and hope we never seen any sign of the little buggers again? I am not in a panic about this and getting on with life... but want to make sure that I am taking the right early warning steps.

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