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One month post heat treatment

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  1. Katie1226

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    Posted 1 year ago
    Mon Nov 6 2017 21:09:59

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    Exactly one month ago today my boyfriend and I had a heat treatment done in our apartment, along with 2 other apartments in the building. They did the heat treatment and laid down the residual, and then came back 2 weeks ago to do a secondary residual spray. We had not seen any bugs after the heat treatment a month ago, aside from the day of treatment that we had some bites I assumed were from the night before. That is until last night when my boyfriend found one crawling on a blanket. I've heard the term 'dead bugs walking', but I feel like a month post treatment and two residual sprays later would be a bit long to still have stragglers. I am by no means an expert however so who knows. Over the last month we did have a couple bites (literally 2 each), but I convinced myself they were mosquito bites or spider bites because they did not look or feel like the bites we had pretreatment. I guess what I'm asking here is if it is still possible to have stragglers hanging around or if the treatment didn't work. We contacted the office at the apartment but conveniently no one was available to talk and we have not yet heard back. I swear I will forever be paranoid about bed bugs

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